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Free Online Short Story, The IC by Sandy Ingram (High-Finance Mystery)

     Parthenia Jenkins was a fair and equal opportunity, Independent Contractor (IC) for “the Agency.” She never showed up on any Government payroll, and was simply known as CH10 00230 00A109822346, her offshore bank account number. But finally Parthenia Jenkins met her match.

“The Agency” made their non-verbal contract crystal clear. There were more than a dozen large American corporations, funneling money into offshore accounts, which was later invested in black market oil. Even though the money was reported to the Department of Treasury, on the Corporation’s annual tax returns, the transactions, in most cases, were against sanctions which the U.S. Government, itself, had helped put into place.

“The Agency” wanted it stopped.

Going through the legal channels to stop American Corporations from involving themselves in foreign transactions, which was not in the best interest of the US Government, was always handled discretely. Legal channels were too time consuming and much too public. It was easier to call Parthenia Jenkins, an established, Independent Contractor, known as “The IC.”

The matter would be handled in a timely and discretely manner, with manageable results.

The US Government NEVER requested a certain outcome. The end results were usually up to the IC (Independent Contractor) The Independent Contractors who understood exactly what to do, were often called back, for another $2.5 million dollar contract. Parthenia Jenkins was on her fourteenth Independent Contract.

No one really knew how many contracts she performed in a year. However, it was known that not all her cases ended in termination of life. Most high-powered CEOs had a change of heart and simply resigned from their high level positions. Resigning often resulted in longevity of life.

Parthenia was particularly anxious to handle her newest assignment. The young CEO was slightly older than herself and was a confirmed bachelor. He was suspected of allowing vast amounts of company profits to be invested in barrels of oil on the black market. As far as the Agency knew the oil was then being resold back to legitimate sources. These were transactions which only major players could afford. And ‘the Agency’ wanted Tyler Jenson, the CEO of Optics-X, out of the oil business. He would have to find another way to pad his company’s profit margin. Although it was the company financing the deals, in most cases it was the CEO’s deferred compensation, which was used to fund the investments.

After some discussion, it was determined that Parthenia would be introduced to the famous Tyler Jenson, as a Financial Planner for the very wealthy. Parthenia felt this to be an acceptable cover to get her foot in the door. For sure, being a rich and sexy female Financial Planner, holding licenses in several states, wasn’t her cup of tea, however she felt the cover would work.

It took Parthenia about a month to prepare. During that month, she mentally, became one, with the famous, CEO. She studied his company’s financial records, reviewed his personal information, family history, his college transcripts, and every major story that had been written about him. Parthenia lived, ate and breathed, Tyler Jenson.

When it was time to meet Mr. Jenson, everything went as planned. He suggested that they go to lunch, and she agreed. Financial Planning could be a little boring, and lunch with a glass of wine was the easiest way to spice things up. Parthenia had less than 90 minutes, to get into the life and mind of Tyler Jenson. Lunch was to her advantage.

Optics-X had over insured Tyler on a professional level, it was his personal investments, which Parthenia would be encouraging him to become more concerned with. Like most wealthy men, Tyler’s major concern was how other wealthy men were investing their money? Parthenia was ready to play the part. She named dropped until she was blue in the face, and Tyler Jenson ate it up.

She explained the ways of the very wealthy who made it seem that they were in alignment with the U.S. Government. She explained special wealth building systems, that individuals with ‘old money’ used to double their money. Parthenia talked about more conventional ways, and more acceptable ways to increase his personal wealth, without exposing his wealth to the IRS. It was all about making Tyler believe that she was who she said she was.

By the time they finished talking their food was cold and they were on their second bottle of wine. While the lunch was being re-heated, the couple enjoyed small talk and got to know each other on a more personal level. The restaurant was very private and the stand alone booth provided even more privacy.

Tyler was interested, in fact he was more interested than Parthenia had expected. He wanted to move quickly with her suggestions, and laid the foundation to make aggressive financial moves, once his private attorney approved the paperwork.

Parthenia was elated, and could not avoid asking, why he was so anxious to change his investment options, when it came to his deferred income.

Tyler Jenson’s response was surprising.

He explained that the company’s attorneys had all but shoved International investment options down his throat, and he felt obligated to comply because of all the hard work they had put into taking his company public. He confirmed what Parthenia had secretly expected. Certain equations were presented and followed to keep the founder and CEO of the company in line. Most of the CEOs had no real understanding of how their company was earning substantial profits on their investments. They trusted the corporate law firms which had taken them from a one bedroom apartment to lavish lifestyles and numerous bank accounts.

However, Tyler had taken his personal attorney’s advice and met with her and was willing to follow through with her recommendations based on his attorney referral.

Parthenia was elated, and wanted to seal the deal, even before the papers were drawn up. She knew she had to be careful. Moving too fast would cause serious damage to the deal and Tyler’s future was at stake. She had to find out if Tyler was on the same page with her.

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