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Good Vibes: Five Reasons HaciendaBay is 2016’s Go-To for a Perfect Sahel Summer

     Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have noticed a strange, seasonal trend rear its head again; one that sees Cairenes flee the city and head north at weekends – or just at any time possible. Once there, these runaways engage in a range of different beach-based activities. The phenomena we speak of is, of course, Sahel Season.

Yes, the North Coast will be a run with holidaymakers and sun worshippers all summer long, but there’s one place in particular that seems to keep people coming back – HaciendaBay. The Palm Hills Developments seaside commune was a hit with beachgoers last year and here’s why it’s all the ‘Good Vibes’ you need this summer…

Because Lake Yard is Even Bigger & Better This Year…

The ‘Retreat for All Treats’ is back after a successful run last summer, bringing together all manner of fun and good vibes under one roof. Yes, that wonderful thing called Lake Yard is, once again, the place to head when you get that very specific post-swim, beachside hunger that we all get. This year’s visiting eateries will include including TED’s, Mince, Kazouza, Shader, Stavolta, Formula Onederfu, Qahwet Warda and more. It wouldn’t be Lake Yard with some top-notch shopping, either, and fashionistas and shopaholics will be find plenty to sink their teeth into, with the likes of Pop Up Shop, Amina K., Vintique, Bluemint & Co., Vintage Boutique & Nile Eyewear displaying their unique goods and popular salon, Chez Richard, offering its beauty services.

Because You Can Be Fit with BeFit…

Here’s an interesting fact; did you know that you can exercise and actually enjoy it? No, seriously it’s true – sweating it out for the sake health and vanity in equal measures can come with its share of good vibes, too. Case in point: Aly Mazhar’s BeFit setting up shop to help keep you beach-fit. Anyone who’s followed Mazhar’s career will know that he’s found a new lease of life in the fitness game after his football career and has emerged as one of the biggest personalities in fitness in Egypt. This summer, Mazhar and co are donning the titles of ‘Beach Freaks’ and will be hosting various workout sessions throughout the summer, because, well, you need to keep up the forma.

Because SANE Will Give Parents Their Sanity…

There’s good vibes all round for kids, too. Yes, Zamalek’s SANE is hitting the road, this summer, too. The group which brought new meaning to community fun is ready and waiting at Lake Yard with lots in store, including a kid’s playground. The more interesting aspect of SANE’s summer surprises in Sahel is its cooking, music, dance and acting classes. Unfortunately, it is for kids, though, so, no – this is not your chance to finally be ‘discovered’ for the cooking/music/dance/acting master you’ve always thought you were. In the meantime, parents can get a little alone time just a few steps away…

Because Bayside is Da Bomb…

Whether summer sees you drift towards the kind of beach outing that is built on chilling while tanning, chilling while drinking, chilling while eating and generally just chilling, or the kind of more up-tempo, part-till-you-drop kind-of beach outing, Bayside is as versatile a spot as they come in Sahel. While some excellent gourmet food, lavish cabanas and silky smooth beach are enticing enough, Bayside is also no stranger to the odd party or two, with live music also a common feature. Just last weekend, Adham Roshdy, he of the Wave Jazz band fame, was one of several performers at Bayside, and don’t be surprised to see more events popping up on your Facebook newsfeed this summer. Either way, a fun afternoon at Bayside full of good vibes means the night is still young…

Because 6IX Degrees on Fire…

This year, we’ve seen several new venues open, whether they’re the restaurant or nightlife variety. But one in particualr of stands out among the pack – and not just because of the lights beaming out of its white arena-like set-up on weekends. 6IX Degrees has hit the ground running with a typically spectacular opening during Eid and the club’s first few weeks have see everyone from belly-dancing star, Amie Sultan, to some of the country’s most popular local DJs, to the likes of Haifaa and Ragheb Alamaa having appeared on stage – and there’s more to come!

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