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How to Fix an Inkjet Printer Error

     “Cnb_0301 dll” is a program that allows an Inkjet Printer to run on a computer. A “dll” or a dynamic-link libraries file is a computer process that allows the simultaneous operation of similar programs. This greatly saves computer power because the dll applications operate on the same processes and would consume less space on the hard drive. This dll in particular is a driver which allows the interaction of the printer device and the computer. It usually comes with the Canon printer and its product version is You can also get the driver online.
The Importance of “CNB_0301.dll”
A printer needs to have a driver before it can communicate with the computer. If your printer lacks one, it can print erratically or not respond at all. Unfortunately, there are many things that can cause it to fail such as installation errors, corrupted files, viruses and malware, and others.
How to Determine What Went Wrong
Find out first if the file is where it should be. Use the windows explorer to find “C:/windows/systems32/drivers”. The Canon driver should be there.
If the file is there but it’s not working, check for compatibility. You can go to Microsoft’s website and search for the article on program compatibility. Check whether your current printer is compatible with CNB_0301. If not, the website offers plenty of alternatives.
If the driver is compatible but does not function, it could be corrupted. Read the next section for more instructions.
Fixing the Error
Putting the File in the Right Directory. The driver may not work if it’s not in the correct address. If the dll file is not in the Drivers folder of Systems32, use the search program to find where it currently is. Then, move it to the right folder.
Reinstalling. You may have gotten a poor quality copy of the driver, or a mistake occurred somewhere in the installation process. Uninstall “CNB_0301” and reinstall it. If this doesn’t work, get another copy of the driver from a trustworthy source and install it.
Virus Removal. A virus may be messing around with computer processes, including your dll driver. Use a reliable virus removal program to deal with the culprit.
System Restore. Bring back your computer settings to previous conditions wherein the dll driver is still functioning. Go to All Programs, System Tools, and press System Restore.
Fix Computer System Issues. Cleaning the computer registry may help with making the driver function better, since the registry is responsible for the correct functioning of computer processes. You can download a free registry cleaner or do the cleaning yourself. To do it manually, go to the Run command, and then enter “regedit”. Before proceeding though, make a backup for your registry files by clicking Export on the Registry Editor’s menu. Choose a filename and then save. Then, browse the registry folders one by one to see its contents and evaluate their usefulness. Remove old programs and applications that you no longer use or are found to be corrupted by the virus scanner. Doing these may lessen the impact of malfunctioning computer processes upon the driver.
Using dll repair programs. Find downloadable programs that repair the CNB_0301.dll file specifically. However, make sure that the program you run is safe – see whether it is regularly scanned by computer protection programs or reviewed by users who have tried the driver repair program before.
Use Windows Update. Your driver may be outdated. Search for services in your computer using the Windows search tool. Look for Windows Updates; if you don’t find such a folder, try searching for Automatic Updates. If the update function is disabled, Start it.
Find other drivers. The Internet offers a lot of other drivers for printers so you won’t have to rely on the dll to make your printer work. Know the name and model of your printer and other specifications, type them in your search engine along with the word ‘driver’. You will find sites offering printer drivers for your specific type of printer.
Look for a printer technician. The best and perhaps most expensive way to solve dll problems is to hire somebody who knows how to fix it. If you have the budget and using your printer is very important to you, go for this option.
Other problems may cause the dll to malfunction so if you have done all these things unsuccessfully, you may have missed something. Consider hiring a professional if you can’t do it on your own.

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A DLL repair tool like best registry cleaner could also help you fix DLL errors automatically. Download one from a trusted website from

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