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How to Fix Blue Screen

     Blue screen triggered by “adpu320.sys” problems can be worrisome since the blue screen of death is often associated with a completely corrupted operating system, which calls for immediate OS reinstallation. Truth be told, reinstalling the OS isn’t the only option. Read on to learn more.
Getting to Know SYS Files
“SYS” files are known to work with third-party device drivers. “Adpu320” is related to hardware used in controlling and configuring “RAID” adapters and channel buses installed in the computer. Fortunately, several procedures can fix this error, such as:
Know if this File is Causing the Error
BSOD errors have numerous causes. They’re brought about by conflicting system and program files, corrupted files, or problematic paths. Hence, solving BSOD issues properly means knowing its cause.
Most people are unaware that crucial information can be found at the bottom part of the BSOD. Look past the confusing alphanumeric notes and focus on short word sets with “.exe, .sys or .dll” extension names. If you see adpu320.sys at the bottom part of the screen, it means that it’s the file triggering the inconsistency in the system that results to blue screen errors.
Take Advantage of Safe Mode
After seeing the problem, try loading your computer in Safe Mode. There’s a chance that several programs and processes running in the background triggered the error.
Load Safe Mode by pressing F8 or F10 continuously after the motherboard’s splash screen appears on the display. Select one of the Safe Mode choices, preferably the one with Command Prompt access for additional flexibility in troubleshooting.
Use the computer and see if it will display the same blue screen error. If not, there’s a high chance that one of the programs loading on startup is causing the issue. All you have to do now is keep these programs from activating.
All about Trial and Error
It really is possible to disable several programs or processes that automatically run during startup. If the error appears upon loading the operating system, then you should disable start up programs and services. To do that, type “msconfig” on the Windows 7 start menu search bar. Click on the result and see the Startup and Services tab.
In the Services tab, tick “Hide all Microsoft Services” so the only ones that will appear are services related to other programs. Click Disable All. Do the same for entries under Start Up tab. Click Apply then OK. It will prompt you to restart your computer. Restart and see if your system will still have the blue screen error. If not, it means that the conflicting program has been deactivated. Enable programs and services one at a time until the error appears again.
Upon finding that program, you can opt to uninstall it manually.
Replacing Corrupted File
In most cases, “BSOD” problems can be solved by replacing the corrupted adpu320 file. There are lots of sites that offer it for download, but it’s recommended to download the file from the developer’s website. Search for the developer associated with this file and check for an updated version.
Do Start Up Repair
Startup Repair can fix the issue, especially if you immediately see the blue screen error upon booting the computer. Shut down your computer and restart again. Since the computer fails to shut down properly, it will show the “Startup Repair” option, giving you the chance to solve potential issues. Select “Start Up repair” and see if the problem will resolve after completing this task.
Check Disk for Possible Corruption
Since adpu320.sys works with channel bus controllers in hard drives, there’s a probability that this error is due to a failing hard drive. To check the disk, open Command Prompt by typing “cmd” in the Start Search bar. Right click and select “Run as Administrator” to have complete access on its function.
When the black box pops up, type “chkdsk /f” and hit Enter. It will scan the hard drive for possible bad sectors, which might be causing SYS file issues. Follow the instructions and see the report if there are bad sectors in the disk. Impending hard drive corruption means the need to replace your hard drive before it becomes busted.
A Very Solvable Concern
Adpu320.sys errors do not have to be stressful because such problems can be fixed. As you realized while reading this article, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

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