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How To Fix RSOD Error

     Seeing an RSOD error or seeing your computer screen turn red is worrisome. You would be wondering whether the only solution is to prepare another bundle of cash to get it checked by a professional or purchase another PC entirely. However, you can actually fix the problem on your own. Granted you understand the nature of the error and you are willing to adhere to instructions, you can have your device back to a fine condition in no time.
What Is It?
Red Screen of Death, also referred to as “RSOD”, is like any other screen errors such as BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) or “GSOD” (Green Screen of Death) in which your computer refuses to accept commands via keyboard and mouse. Unlike other screen errors, however, it is critical since it does not allow you to make any modification. While some would claim the error is impossible for somebody other than a technical support professional to fix, it is actually doable with a cold boot and via built-in Window programs.
Causes of the Error
Sometimes, a faulty firmware is the cause of an RSOD error. It is due to issues and conflicts with the graphics card of your PC. Since a defective program or corrupted file source can be in charge of automatic installations of applications including sds64a.sys and softOSD.exe, the problem can stand in the way of normal system processes.
Alternatively, the sources of a red screen error are often unaligned cables or loose connections. It is either there is insufficient power to execute normal system processes or certain ports are defective and fail to supply power, at all. Since the solution is to check if the cables are working fine, a problem of the sort is not as alarming as most people assume.
Potential Hazards of the Error
Although you can fix your system after seeing an RSOD message, affiliated to the screen error are potential hazards. It is a repairable problem but it is nonetheless critical, which can result to permanent data loss. For one, you can lose important sources. For another, you will be unable to continue with your progress on your computer. Especially if the screen suddenly turns red while working on the PC, you will not get to recover some, if not all, of the crucial files.
When Does the Problem Typically Come up?
Since there is a boot load error when it comes up, a Red Screen Error of Death is likely to occur during startup. With the regular loading process affected, the system will fail to function initially. When it shows up before you even begin any task on the computer, it tells you that the cause of the problem is in one of the cables.
In addition, a message and a red screen can appear unexpectedly when you are in the middle of a task. This case is more troublesome since it disrupts or ends your current activity without giving you a warning. While using a program, your computer screen will alert you that there is a problem with the system or will simply restart automatically.
Five Steps on How to Prevent the Error
1. Log on to your computer using an administrator account.
2. From the start menu, go to the Settings option.
3. Once there, go to the Control Panel and choose Programs and Features.
4. From the programs and features window, search for “softOSD”.
5. Once it turns up, click Uninstall or Uninstall/Change.
Ways on How to Fix the Error
* Power cycle the computer screen and your system. Let your computer undergo a cold boot.
* On both ends of the monitor cable, twitch to determine whether the tint of the screen returns to normal. As previously stated, sometimes the problem is due to fault alignment.
* For power source, connect the monitor cable to a wall socket directly, instead of connecting it through a power strip.
* Restore to default settings. Check your computer’s manufacturer instruction on how to do a factory reset.
* Replace connection cables – especially old ones.
* Under the advanced startup section, restart your computer in safe mode.
Especially if it is your first time to encounter the problem on your PC, you might panic upon notification of an RSOD error. However, you can fix a red screen problem on your system by yourself. There are even measures to have its occurrence prevented. As explained in the article, you simply need to understand and follow certain procedures. With a few basic touches, your computer will be back to normal.

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