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HP LTO 6: Tape Vs. Hard Disk

     There are people who swear by tape drives, stating that there is nothing that can replace them, while others will tell you that hard disks are the future. Here is a comparison between the two that will help you choose the best option.

Tape Cartridges

Tape cartridges offer certain unique benefits not found in hard disks, but not without some notable downsides…

– Pros

Tapes offer high capacity for storage. The sixth generation of linear tape open (LTO) hit the market a few years ago and offers up to 2.5TB worth of storage. And this is not even the compressed capacity storage. When data is compressed, the tape can save up to 6.25TB worth of data on one single cartridge. For a technology that some think is aging, it can still hold its own against storage devices available today.

Tape media costs are at the minimum. The least expensive option for a company’s storage needs is tape. It does not matter whether you factor in the price of offsite tape vaulting, tape will still emerge as the cheapest option available.

One of the best features of data tapes, including the HP LTO 6, is that the longer data is stored on it the less the amount of electricity used to power it. Disks, on the other hand, are constantly consuming electricity as they are always on and need constant cooling. Once you have transferred data onto the tape, it can be stored on a shelf up until a time when it is needed again. Disk backup, will be constantly buzzing which eventually leads to it being worn out faster than tape.

– Cons

On the flip side, you will spend a bit more time trying to look for particular data on tape.

Tapes need to be kept in good condition in order to maintain their usefulness. If exposed to too much heat, dust or moisture the tape may be rendered useless.

Hard Disks

Hard disks are quite useful in the modern, fast-paced digital age, only if you can properly manage the downsides…

– Pros

Hard disks allow you to recover data very quickly. Finding a specific file on a disk’s system will take a few seconds as compared a tape system. What’s more, many companies prefer having their disk systems in-house; hence data would never have to be shipped offsite.

With disks, you can achieve high level security through in-house data centres. There is no worry of losing the data, because the data is not being transported anywhere.

You can prevent duplicate data which can be removed to free up disk space. Removing duplicate data also means you can store your data quickly and there will be little need to perform full backups often.

– Cons

Because hard disk systems are constantly on, you will be required to pay for the extra electricity they consume. Not only are they always on, they are also constantly overheating, meaning they require even more electricity to cool off.

Despite the fact that your storage is in-house, it does eat up a lot of energy and space. Sending the data off-site will free up storage that can be dedicated to other needs.

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