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HP LTO-7: Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

     With the new LTO Ultrium generation 7 in the market, there are plenty of questions many people are asking.

The following is a sample of the questions fielded to the LTO consortium group:

Q1. What are the main features of HP LTO-7, compared to the previous versions?

LTO-7 has more than twice tape cartridge capacity, up to 15 TB per cartridge when compressed, compared to the previous versions.

The specs also include double read and write, which facilitates higher track density. This means that more data can be written on the same amount of tape within the cartridge.

Other advanced features, pack stronger magnetic property, which boosts overall capacity.

LTO technology enhances quick transfer of large files. This is made possible by the tape drive data transfer rate, at 750 MB per second, which is equivalent to more than 2.7 TB (Terabytes) of data per hour, per drive.

Q2. How is LTO-7 fitting into storage architecture currently?

Just like those before, the modern LTO Ultrium technology easily works alongside cloud or disc in a crossbreed environment. At the same time, it does perfectly well as a standalone storage solution.

Many cloud providers comfortably use LTO format tapes drive, to backup data hosted on the clouds. This means that when the cloud server is downhill, data is not lost, but is easily retrieved and reinstated.

Q3. Why is LTO-7 suitable for long-term storage?

LTO technology is an active archive solution, which means that, as an active solution, it functions as both cold storage and archival, as well as an active day-to-day storage solution.

LTO Ultrium format tape drive embraces the Linear Tape File System (LTFS), which means that when data is stored within, it can be accessed for regular file recovery as conveniently as in disc storage.

Q4. What is LTO tape technology best suited for?

The Linear Tape Open Technology is the preferred choice for a number of users that embrace high capacity and performance.

As such, the technology is mainly found in the media, and entertainment industry, government, security, and law-enforcement sectors.

Q5. Is LTO still applicable in today’s high speed utility environment?

LTO is absolutely relevant, if not indispensable in modern high-speed utility setting. Tape for example, is the most cost-effective media, ideal for storing massive quantities of data.

It is commendable when the value of data is high, that an equally high performance, and reliable storage media be put in place.

Q5. What compatible interfaces are available to LTO7?

The flexibility of LTO7 is such that a host of third party manufacturers and dealers have been able to provide interfaces needed for connectivity, for example:

Standalone are offered with Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), 6GB connectivity

SAS 6GB is compatible with SAS 3GB, 6GB, and 12 GB Host Bus Adapters (HBA)

LTO7 solutions provides both full and half high form factors, which are available in both fibre channel (FC) 8 GB and SAS 6GB

Q6. What does the future hold for LTO tape technology?

The LTO Ultrium roadmap, addresses itself to complex storage issues, at the same time building a plan to proactively boost capacity and speed.

The following LTO program roadmap gives a glimpse of what is at store for the tape technology:-

• LTO generation 8 is expected to pack up to 32 TB compressed capacity, and up to 1180 MB/s transfer speed.

• LTO generation 9, with 62.5 TB capacity, and 1770 MB/s transfer speed.

• LTO-10 with a capacity of 120 TB, and speed of 2770 MB/s.

These new generations are expected to be released at an interval of two years.

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Richard Stutchbury has a deep understanding of the various data storage requirements that corporate organizations and individuals have. Drawing from his long-term experience at Stutch Data, Richard has enabled many organizations get the most suitable data storage systems. Call us now to know more tips and ideas about HP LTO 7.

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