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Menagerization – Illusions of the Elite

     Menagerization – Is the process of creating a false world view or representation designed to convince a target audience that the presentation is a representation of reality. The practice of Menagerization is a form of management of animals or lesser humans for the benefit of an elite class. The creation of the concept holds its roots in the word Menagerie which is a collection of captive animals kept for display and study and is mostly connected with an aristocratic or royal court. The term Menagerization was selected because it emphasizes the perceived position of those providing the presentation. The point of view held by those creating these messages is one where they are the Elite and naturally hold a position as the “betters” of those who are the target or intended audience of the message.

The most easily identified examples of Menagerization can be seen on TV commercials where the target audience is presented with an advertisement that creates an impression that using the sponsors product is popular and common in an effort to trigger the human herd instinct. In general people are drawn to being part of the majority and instinctively fear being an outsider or left out. The programming leaves the audience with the distinct impression that those NOT using the product are clearly on the outside. It is no wonder that it is common among the younger generation to use the term in their texting language of FOMO which stands for “Fear Of Missing Out”. This brutally honest and brilliant insight reveals a startling acceptance and embracement of a perception that being accepted as part of the herd is of paramount importance. However, the use of Menagerization has expanded well beyond the world of advertising and is deeply seated in industry associations such as American Medical Association (AMA) and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) as well as Government.

Menagerization works by repeating the desired message in a disproportional manner creating an impression that a certain world view or interpretation of reality is the accurate, and more importantly the one accepted by the masses. A product or service provider may create a message that their product is not only highly popular, but that consumers would be doing themselves a disservice to miss out on the opportunity to purchase it. In many cases TV programs will use the sponsor’s product in a manner supporting the concept that this product or service is common and popular.

Government will create false news reports or highjack real reports by modifying the content and context of the presented material. These “propagandized” messages will be repeated over and over in all forms of public media to support a particular political agenda. Political leaders will talk and act as if these presentations, that support their political agenda, are real and represent the opinion held be the majority of the population. A commonly seen example of government menagerization is the topic of gun control and removal of Second Amendment rights. Main stream media gives the distinct impression that except for a few ignorant old hold outs, the majority of American’s hold the “enlightened” view that the relevance of the Constitution and specifically the Bill Of Rights is out dated. This Menagerization is designed to cultivate feelings of isolation and a sense of personal inadequateness in those American’s that value the liberties that are the American birth right.

A less abstract example, that is closer to home for most Americans, would be sports. The impression you receive from the TV, both news and programing, magazines, newspapers, bill boards, and radio is that EVERY real man and half of all women are obsessed with sports. This exercise in Menagerization pressures all men to not only watch sports, but to be very well informed of every aspect of the most popular games. Men who are not obsessed by sports are pressured by the Menagerization process to either become a fan or else face a sort of social exile from their peers and exclusion in social and work events. In the office I work in, on “Jersey Day”, employees wearing the jersey of their favorite team are permitted to gather in the conference room in the afternoon during work hours to discuss sports. From the Jersey wearing sport fans, no further work is expected for the rest of the day, while those not “committed enough” (Yes, I have personally heard that description used) to simply wear their team jersey are punished by having to pick up the work load of the others and be excluded from a work space endorsed social event.

Another good example of using government Menagerization, is the discussion on Climate Change. Political leaders will discuss the science as “settled” and label anyone presenting conflicting evidence as a “denier” or worst a “Conspiracy Theorist”. While on the sidelines, banned from mainstream media, are many thousands of scientists who strongly disagree with these findings and who are presenting data showing no increase in average temperatures for the last two decades. If the science of Climate Change (Once called Global Warming but renamed) was truly settled, then why the dissent? Menagerization of Climate Change was easily accomplished by controlling the content and context of the message the public was provided. If you are wondering why you haven’t actually seen any of this conflicting data, it isn’t because the data is hidden, it is because it isn’t published in mainstream media. The data is available on the web if anyone wants to look it up, but why would anyone do that if they already believe that the information is false and published by an ignorant “Denier”?

Comprehension of Menagerization is one of the key right brain concepts that current and future free thinkers will need to incorporate into their held world view in order to obtain and secure the capacity of free thought. This is the first in the Dragontamers Free Thought Series introducing or rediscovering right brain concepts promoting Reason the greatest gift of being human.
On a committed journey seeking to advance personal awareness Bob Jones documents political, spiritual, and perceptional discoveries in published articles and hosts a website dedicated to the ending of Human Misery . Read the rest of the series as they are released and explore other articles by clicking on the link or by visiting us at

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On a committed journey seeking to advance personal awareness Bob Jones documents political, spiritual, and perceptional discoveries in published articles and hosts a website dedicated to the ending of Human Misery. Read the rest of the series as they are released and explore other articles by clicking on the link or by visiting us at

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