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Prescription Colored Contact Lens Care: Easy Steps to Take Care of your Lenses

     Prescription Colored contacts are among the most useful and popular accessories these days and thorough contact lens care is essential to keeping your eyes happy and healthy, not to mention your contact lenses will last longer! Individuals who suffer from vision problems like nearsightedness or farsightedness may opt for wearing corrective lenses rather than eyeglasses for easier and more convenient wear. In the same manner, people who don’t have eye problems but would want to change the color of their natural peepers for cosmetic purposes, could take advantage of various types of colored contacts. Lenses can provide both cosmetic and medical functions, however, just like eyeglasses, contact lenses should be properly cared for to keep them safe for use and to lengthen their life. Contact lens care isn’t difficult but must be done regularly.

5 Easy Steps to Contact Lens Care

1. The most important thing to keep in mind is to always clean and disinfect the lenses using the prescribed solution, usually an all-purpose solution works great. Contact lenses should be placed in a storage case when not in use. Be sure to clean your lenses thoroughly after you take them out and before you put them in.

2. Washing your hands before putting in or touching your lenses is an essential and basic part of contact lens care and instruction, but can sometimes be overlooked. Not only do you want to make sure you aren’t transferring germs from your hands to your eyes, you also want to be sure there is no dust, fuzz or oils on your hands before handling your lenses. If you make it a habit to wash your hands with a non-lotion soap and dry with a lint-free towel you should be in the clear!

3. Since the eyes are very sensitive to pollutants, lenses must be kept clean all the time. Pollutants can build up on your lenses causing irritation that can easily be avoided by regular cleaning. You should also change the storage solution for fresh lens solution every time you put your lenses away.

4. Lenses are not meant to be shared with others, ever. Lenses are medical devices, even if they are plano and have no prescriptive power, and medical devices should never be shared. Even if your eyes are completely healthy it is not safe to share an object that touches your eyeball.

5. Contact lenses can usually be worn for a maximum of 8 hours, unless your prescription says otherwise. If you have never worn contacts before you should follow this contact lens schedule for first time lens wearers. Colored contacts can feel a little strange, sometimes even uncomfortable at first for those with really sensitive eyes, but if you allow your eyes time to adjust you will soon forget they are there!

6. Finally, it is always healthy and advisable to see an optometrist or an optician to check on eyes and lenses on a regular basis. Eye doctors only prescribe FDA-approved contact lenses for a safe and healthy eye care experience.

Take your contact lens care seriously and your eyes will thank you!

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