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Print Great Photos By Following These Tips

     Photography as an art form is best left to the pros. But there’s no reason why you can’t try to take great pictures and print them to show off their beauty.

Photo printing is a whole different area that requires the same attention to detail and knowledge of how to rectify mistakes, how to choose printing paper and how to make sure what you see on the computer screen is closely replicated by its hardcopy mirror image.

Know your hardware

Before printing, get to know your hardware. Printers differ from each other even if they’re based on the same technology. For example, an inkjet printer compared to another made by a different manufacturer may have additional features. What yours has must be understood and experimented with to see how it can enhance images.

Choose your paper

Paper comes in various forms and you don’t need something so expensive. Ordinary photo paper sold in studios and department stores is enough for printing black and white text. You can pick one with a matte effect for special images.

For your information, fine art paper is ideal for studio quality printing as it highlights details and colors. For photos, choose high gloss, semi gloss or matte (as mentioned). Art paper too can be used where texture is sought. Ask the salesperson to recommend a brand.

Laser and inkjet printers work best with certain types of paper. Inkjet printers show their best qualities with inkjet paper which has excellent surface smoothness, strength and doesn’t curl. Then there’s photo paper, also a type of inkjet paper, which is designed to print photographs. Laser paper for laser printers, meanwhile, is extremely smooth with a low moisture capacity to prevent it from curling under heat.

Despite specific types of paper manufactured for different types of printers, find out whether your machine can support what you plan to purchase as make and model can impact print quality.

Experiment with printing options

You may be able to directly print from the camera or you may have to take the images to a computer. If both are possible, try printing from the two. You’ll find you get significantly different results especially with light and shading. This is a great way to home in on what works best for you if you need to print important photos.

Use the computer and printer’s editing features

Editing controls are there for a reason and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well they tweak images. Fiddle with the features to alter brightness and contrast but not before you check whether the original images are worth printing as is.

Experiment with different types of paper

As mentioned, different types of paper yield different results. And while printers output the best results with printer-specific paper, there’s no harm trying out others. Who knows? You might just hit upon a winner.

Don’t edit compressed images

Compression may be a great for saving space but avoid editing images in a compressed format. You’ll lose out on valuable color and clarity especially if you save the same images multiple times in a compressed format. Disregard JPEG where printing is concerned and save files in TIF. The format is fine if you don’t plan to print but just want to store the same on your computer.

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