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RDX Hard Disk – Role In Data Storage

     Data is the most important part of your computer and it should be handled with great care. This is because it is difficult or impossible to recreate your data once you lose it. You can therefore not overlook the aspect of backing up your data to ensure that in the event that you lose it, you can quickly recover it.

Data can easily be lost when there is a system error or when someone accidentally deletes files. The place where you work can be razed down by a fire or destroyed by floods thus damaging your data. Viruses can also corrupt your data so that you can longer access your files. An efficient and reliable way in which you can backup your data safely is by the use of the RDX hard disk.

What Is RDX

RDX refers to Removable Disk Technology which is a 2.5″ SATA disk or SSD drive that is attached to a removable cartridge whose size is more or less the same as that of the LTO tape. The RDX cartridge is plugged to a dock which gives data connection and power. The cartridge is protected from electrostatic discharge and can also resist shock and vibration. It does not get damaged even after falling a distance of one meter on hard concrete. The RDX cartridge has been certified by other well known backup manufacturers and offers a shelf life of thirty years.

RDX Hard Disk

RDX technology has a fixed RDX hard disk drive layer which has an external or internal RDX dock. The RDX hard disk drive can be used to backup data or for storing archival data. RDX uses backup and archive software to coordinate the movement of data between the RDX tiers and the disk. The RDX docks behave like disk drives as they allow random access and streaming performance. The RDX do this with speeds of up to 200 MB/s but this will depend on the connectivity and the type of drive you are using.

Benefits Of RDX

RDX is designed for movement and the chances of the hard drive surviving after a fall is 97 percent as compared to the survival rate of the USB drives which is zero. The RDX hard disk drive provides you with encryption for data which you have stored off site to ensure that it is safe. It also has the write once read much (WORM) capability which can be used on archival data to ensure that it cannot be deleted or altered. WORM also enables you to comply with regulatory requirements.

RDX disk drives allow you full random access to your data. You can remove a disk drive from the dock yet the data that is in each of the drives still stays indexed in a special appliance. When you use RDX for storing a large amount of data, you do not need to worry about limitation of space. All you need to do is add cartridges until all the data has been stored.

You therefore do not need to buy new storage hardware to increase your storage space. Organizations which generate large amounts of data in the field can use RDX to transport this data to the place where organizational data is centrally stored.

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Richard Stutchbury has a deep understanding of the various data storage requirements that corporate organizations and individuals have. Drawing from his long-term experience at Stutch Data, Richard has enabled many organizations get the most suitable data storage systems. Call us now to know more tips and ideas about RDX (Removable Disk Technology).

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