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Real Estate Career Checklist: Were You Born for This?

     Remember the last time you saw someone be extraordinary? Maybe it was David Copperfield, the magician, making an airplane disappear into thin air amid an audience’s disbelieving gasps. Maybe it was Tony Bennett belting out a flawless “New York, New York.” Or maybe it was someone closer to home – a top producer in December celebrating a personal best of 200 homes sold for the year.

When we witness greatness, we often say to ourselves, “Wow, there’s someone who was born to do that.” Outliers take mediocre and pass it like it was standing still. Everything they do is amazing and seems as natural as breathing.

Over my two decades of coaching real estate agents and brokers, I’ve certainly seen my share of greatness. In fact, I’ve seen so much that I’ve come to realize that the best have common traits that indeed make them appear to have been born to sell real estate.

See below traits you may already see in yourself – or ones you might work to adopt in 2016, so you too can edge toward greatness.

Disciplined – Most Realtors are independent business owners. That’s one of the key reasons I believe most people get into real estate – it allows for independence. But successful agents and brokers know they have to be disciplined and responsive to every demand that comes with the job. Yes, you can set your own hours, but you also need to operate it as a business. Without fail, all successful agents see themselves as CEOs. And at some point they’ve asked themselves this: “At what level do I want to play this game?” It’s usually at the highest level and then they get to it – with discipline – to serve customers like they’ve never been served before. In real estate, you’re only as good as your last sale.

Adaptable – Anyone who’s been in this profession since the internet entered the picture knows adaptability is crucial. Many naysayers predicted the end of agents and brokers. Of course we’re still around but that change weeded out plenty who didn’t adapt. Top producers not only adapt to large outside forces, they also adapt by constantly improving themselves by seeking advice from others. I’ve never met a top producer who at one time or another didn’t have either a mentor or a coach.

Positive – Negativity rolls off a top producer like water on a duck’s back. You can stand in front of them and give reason after reason why they should be worried about the future and they remain unfazed. Oh sure, they know there are problems – plenty of problems every day – but the key is they don’t see them as problems — they see them as opportunities.

Passionate – Just doing the job and going through the motions to help clients – even if you’re dotting every i and crossing every t – doesn’t get the job done today. To do what’s necessary to get and keep clients (keep is a key word here because if you’re not keeping clients and spending all your time working to get clients you’ll fail) you have to be passionate. All passionate Realtors end up creating extraordinary ways to serve clients. People want to work with passionate, enthusiastic professionals. If you’re not the right one, they’ll go to the next Realtor to get it. If you feel your passion has slipped, stop and recharge to get it back.

What’s on your mind? How many of these traits do you feel you have? Which are missing? How might you adopt those that are missing? How can you improve your weaknesses? How might you capitalize on your strengths? Do you know a successful agent or broker you can emulate?

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Bob Corcoran, a nationally recognized speaker and author, is founder of Corcoran Consulting Inc. (800-957-8353), an international consulting and coaching company that specializes in performance coaching and the implementation of sound business systems into the residential broker or agent’s existing practice.

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