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Respecting Our Elders

     Do you have aging parents or grandparents and you’re now searching for a Brooklyn home health care service to watch over your loved one?
Home health aides that provide assisted living services come in all varieties. There are those who were raised respecting and admiring their elders for their wisdom and for their love when they were small…and there are those who never had time for their grandparents…and may never have been taught to treat them as the precious people that they are.

Elders do not include only our own family members. Someone older than you on the bus or that you meet at the store would also be your elder. I wonder if older folks in today’s world are getting the respect they deserve? Let’s test your respect for your elders.
• If an elderly person gets on the bus, even if no one else offers to give up their seat for the older person, you do.
• When an elderly person very slowly crosses the street holding up traffic (the walk light is sure short!), are you impatient or do you understand and realize that someday that will be you?
• When an older family member tells the same story over and over, do you patiently listen as they pass down family history or do you tell them they already told you that 50 times?
• Do you interrupt older people who can’t recall a word as they’re telling you a story because you’re (always) in a hurry?
• Do you ask your elders for advice about anything? (Or has Google replaced the value we used to put on their wisdom so those conversations ended and our elders feel they’re no longer needed?)
• Do you step back and let an elderly person go first in line?
• When it comes to finding Quality home healthcare service for your elders. Will you make sure they get the best care possible…taking time to interview assisted living home health aides?

We can show respect for the elders in our family by our everyday words and actions and by being there to help choose the right healthcare agency for them when they can no longer able take care of themselves. When planning to have home health aides in your loved one’s home to provide assisted living, would you want someone patient, respectful, and kind or someone just there because it’s a job?
In hiring a healthcare agency or private Brooklyn home health care, ask questions to find out how your elderly family member will be treated. I witnessed a home health aide sitting comfortably in an overstuffed chair in someone’s home and when the elderly gentleman rang his bell, she sighed loudly and acted as though it was such hard work to go tend to him. Your elderly loved one needs your help to find a good home health care service.
In years gone by, parents taught children to speak to their elders with respect and to take care of their physical needs. Some elderly folks live far away from their children. Let’s teach respect for our elders to our children so that no grandparent is left behind (or left standing) while we sit comfortably unaware of another person’s need.

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Regardless if you need a long term or a short term health care, there are home health service agencies that can be of help to you. They can provide you with the best home health care that you truly deserve.

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