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Your ABC Article Directory Submission Guidelines

The rules for submitting your articles to ABC Article Directory are simple, but they must be followed!

Registration is required, and Article Submission and Review is a FREE Service. Indeed, your articles are the lifeblood of our directory. Because we are dedicated to providing only the very highest quality experience for our site visitors, authors, and publishers, we have established some simple guidelines for article submissions: (In all cases... our TOS (terms-of-service) apply.)

The articles that you submit must be your own work - You may not submit articles written by other authors and the content must be unique. No re-branded articles allowed and you must be the sole copyright holder for each article you submit. Articles written by a ghost writer are perfectly acceptable as long as they are being used only by yourself.

User's articles must be diversified and should not be based on a single subject regurgitating similar materials. Article spinning is not tolerated and reason for an automatic ban with their articles being removed without notice.

Articles being submitted by people without basic skills in the English language will have their memberships terminated.

By submitting your articles to ABC Article Directory , you grant us the right to publish your articles - We may publish your article anywhere on our website, blog, other sites, or syndicate through RSS (resource box will remain intact). We may also make changes to inappropriate material where it appears. We reserve the right to place your article in a different category than you selected... if our editor believes it to be a more appropriate category or sub-category for your article.

Expect to hear from the editor from time to time. If something affects you as a writer, or if there are technical changes, maybe something in the 'Terms of Service' or these guidelines that affects everyone was recently added ... you'll want to know. Your email address will never be given to ANYONE (Privacy Policy) but if you want to participate in this information portal, then please understand that this site must be in communication with it's members from time to time. This is a membership requirement.

By submitting your articles to ABC Article Directory , you grant others the right to publish your articles - This is the entire point of article marketing! Other publishers have the right to publish your articles on their websites, in their newsletters or ezines, and more as long as the article is left in the original state including the resource box and a link to the ABC Article Directory, which provides you credit as the author of the content .

No affiliate links! - The articles that you submit to ABC Article Directory should not contain affiliate links. It is acceptable, however, to mention the Rules of helpful sites or your own website which redirects to the recommended affiliate product.

Use the resource box for linking back to your site - Articles submitted will not be approved if they contain links in the body belonging to the author. Please use the resource box to link back to your site. References like "get a unique copy of this article" are considered 'bait and switch' tactics and will be removed.

Please limit resource box links to 3 or fewer - Articles containing more than 3 links in the resource box will be deleted.

Submitting your articles to ABC Article Directory does not entitle you to financial compensation of any kind - You will not receive compensation from or the users of our directory for articles you submit.

Volume of the articles - Articles must be at least 500 words or they will be rejected without a decline notice.

While we accept articles from automated article submission services or software, and from authors directly, you must use a service that places the article in an appropriate category or it will be declined. Each article must be individually submitted by the author, or article owner, and the submitter must be the legal copyright holder for the article submitted. Submissions made through submission services are assumed to be the property of the legal copyright owner.

Submitting an article in no ways guarantees inclusion in our directory - We reserve the right to reject any article submission for any reason.

Articles must be spellchecked and proof read for grammatical errors prior to submitting - Do not submit articles filled with spelling errors and bad grammar. We do monitor article submissions and we will reject content that doesn't meet this requirement. Continually submitting articles that are rejected for poor grammar and spelling errors is cause for termination from this service.

Articles that we decide have been submitted via article submission sites will have all resource information removed including coded numbers in the titles and all back links.

All submissions are welcome. Each submission will be viewed by one of our editorial staff. The editor will determine whether or not your submitted article meets our standards for content, writing quality, and adherence to our editorial policies. We reserve the right to deny publication of any article which, in the sole opinion of our editor, is not appropriate for our directory. If your article is of high quality but simply needs some tweaking to be acceptable, our editor will suggest changes and you may re-submit. We cannot, however, edit your work or give you specific reasons why your work was denied.

Article spamming (submitting a huge number of articles at once) will only get your articles removed and your membership deleted. Author spamming (creating multiple author accounts) will only get all your accounts deleted and any or all of your articles immediately deleted. Don't waste our time or yours.

All articles with no category selected are also deleted. If you do not categorize your articles, they will never be seen by the editors. Articles not placed remotely close to the subject matter category will be declined. They will remain in your account for up to one month during which time you can properly categorize and resubmit them for inclusion.We accept only articles which fit logically into one of our established categories. (Note: If you feel that your article would better fit into a more specific category which is not listed on our site, please Contact Us.

Do not use ALL CAPS in your article headlines. Use "Title Case" (The first letter of each major word is capitalized or capitalize the first letter of every word in the title).

Do not put (") (') or (/) in any article title. Any of these will generally create problems.

Do not repeat the title of your article in the body section of the submission form. This will be automatically declined.

Do not submit user-names or pen-names that are not actual names of real people. Product names in place of an author first/last name will not be accepted. If you create an author account, please no not use anything but a normal first and last name, whether your real name or a pen name. Names such as "hjhhj kkdw" or "smithson smithson" will no longer be accepted and your account will be terminated at our discretion .

No Images Allowed! - Text only please. This is an "Article Directory".

Do not put any author contact information or details in the body of the article. Again, only use the "resource box" section for this information.

Do not write a sales pitch. Only articles which contain quality, usable, content will be approved. Remember, the main goal of your article marketing campaign is to be picked up by other webmasters for reprint. So create useful copy and watch your links soar!

Don't use pornography, pornographic subjects or say something against the law. (I mean, you can... We simply won't publish it, so don't waste our time or yours.)

Articles that we decide have been fabricated by software programs will be declined without recourse and the submitting author will be banned immediately.

Here are some things you will WANT TO DO to improve your article marketing...
Use only full "http:" protocol urls.
Make an offer to readers to respond to in your bio. Example: free newsletter, free white paper, more information, etc. Give them a reason to click over to you.
You are allowed up to three (3) live links in your bio... use them.
Code all your links to open to a new browser window. This leaves your article open for reference.
Submit more articles... Remember: More links on more websites means more exposure for your website.

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