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Superman vs Doomsday’s Dance with Death

     In a remarkable display of alien power and resilience, the first meeting between the genetic super-soldier Doomsday and Kal-El of Krypton (Superman, for you folks that aren’t into comic books) showed the full scope of their respective abilities. Doomsday had just wrought utter havoc on a swath of land that would have done an enraged Incredible Hulk proud. The cabled menace had finished off the entire Justice League and ravaged interstate highways – all with one hand tied behind his back – when he finally encountered Earth’s most powerful hero, Superman.

Keep in mind that to this point, everything Doomsday had touched had fallen without an ounce of resistance, including some of the most powerful members of the JLA (Justice League of America). Superman came over the horizon after catching Booster Golds, a JLA superhero that Doomsday had punched nearly into the exosphere – the only reason Booster was still alive was because of the powerful force-field generated by his suit.

Superman descended to confront Doomsday, whereupon the monster unleashed another of his planet-wrecking punches. As he is wont to do, Superman opted to take the blow full in the chest – instead of using his super-speed to dodge. The extremely powerful punch thudded against the Man of Steel’s chest and, in an awesome display of sheer impregnability, Superman took it without budging an inch. A shocked Doomsday relented for just a second, since he had never known anything to be able to stand fast against his otherworldly might. But, of course, Superman was otherworldly too….

For such a mindless kill machine like Doomsday, however, it was inevitable that there would be more blows to come. He raised his leg and delivered a side kick that could have shuddered a moon into Superman’s midsection, sending the Man of Steel crashing through any obstacle in his backwards path for hundreds of meters. An amazed Superman admitted to himself – while still in flight from the blow – that he’d never been hit that hard before. Upon landing, the sun-god gathered himself and headed back toward his mightiest foe.

Little did Superman know that this wasn’t going to be an easy fight, despite his virtual invulnerability. Doomsday would turn out to have super-strength in droves; enough to hurt Clark and then some. Over the course of a day of battle at heightened speed, Doomsday would slowly wear Superman down and to the breaking point.

They would fight all across the entire city of Metropolis, into restricted airspace and secret projects, before coming to rest near the center of a damaged city. There, they would both fall, as Superman nearly gave his life in defense of the city he loved. Although Doomsday died in the encounter, Superman himself was knocked into a healing coma. His Kryptonian body was so racked by the injuries he’d sustained that it had to shut down all processes and simply act as a beacon for solar light absorption; but to everyone else, it appeared as though Superman was dead.

Although the mighty Man of Steel would revive himself eventually, that fateful day was forever marked as the night the greatest hero fell defending his alien charge. Clark fought valiantly and gave his life for earth, becoming the gift his father had always intended him to be to the alien race that looked after his only son.

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