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The 3 Stages Of A Singer

     I believe when you first start out singing everything is so new and fresh that you kinda go into it just like you did when you first starting singing in the shower. And there’s nothing wrong with that, its actually good to start this way because everything is new, its undiscovered, its like the beginning of a journey without a road map and you have all these different paths you can go, but it most likely leaves you with which ones to take?

I remember when I was there, its been many years ago but it still leaves me with that nostalgia feeling like when I was that little kid opening a birthday present or waiting for Santa Claus to magically appear and come down the chimney. It was awesome, but I couldn’t stay there forever, I couldn’t be a kid forever. And I needed more info to go on if I wanted to add more tools to my arsenal and improve my vocals.

The second step is when you’ve been singing just long enough that your starting to sound OK, you can hit a couple high notes, even get into your falsetto range, but you kinda run out of breath quickly, and sometimes you even get horse easy because your not singing from your diaphragm. Like me when I was here, these people are dangerous because they know just enough info to get along but not enough to sustain them and if they’re not careful will hurt themselves and others in the end without even knowing it. It’s like that guy at the grocery store who’s running the check out lane, you wait for your turn to pay for the groceries and your already to pay after adding them to be scanned or weighed or whatever. And after the clerk runs the numbers he takes your cash or runs your credit card gives you the receipt and you head home. You open the bags of groceries and everything looks to be there but you add up the items in your head and realize darn it! “That guy added it up wrong and I payed $10+ dollars more than I should!” But your already home and by that time its most likely too late to head back to the store to fix the problem. This is very similar to the second stage a singer goes through and how to increase vocal range the wrong way.

The final stage is when you’ve been singing long enough with vocal instruction and a mentor, or teacher to have isolated those troublesome area’s, and you’ve now fixed those issues, and have dramatically improved. But just as important you don’t have to prove to the world or yourself how amazing you are, you know who you are and what you can deliver! There’s a big difference between being confident in your gifting and/or being someone that’s just prideful and arrogant and has to push themselves or their talents on others to feel good about themselves and look awesome… When in reality anybody with half a brain goes, ” no your just full of yourself and I don’t care to hear your voice!” This last stage allows you to step into your own element as a singer or a performer, its where you take everything you’re already confident in and now become the creator, to create your masterpiece, create that unique sound you were born to sing. Be the originator of a song, be the sole provider of that new soulful vocal that drives people crazy. But whatever it is– just let it be you, all you, and you releasing the creative gift God gave you to release in the earth.

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David is singer-songwriter in the Nashville, TN area, and has many years of songwriting, live vocal performances, and is currently working on a new project. But for more practical vocal tips go to:

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