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The Importance Of Tuning And Absolute Pitch In Music Performance

     Whether you are playing a traditional instrument like the violin or flute or a modern instrument such as the guitar – and especially if you are singing – being in key is essential to delivering the best performance possible. Many modern players rely on electronic tuners, but there are many times when electronic tuners, or tuning forks, are not the proper way to tune your instrument.

This holds true for modern instruments just as it does for traditional orchestral instruments.

Tuning any instrument, or making sure you are singing in tune is a very relative exercise. For instance, if the main instrument in the performance is tuned slightly down, or below middle C, an electronic tuner will simply ensure that you are playing out of tune.

This occurs often with large, older instruments such as organs that cannot be easily tuned, and the other instruments will have to adapt to the organ tuning. But more than one rock musician has also tuned their guitar flat on purpose – Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix are among the most famous examples of this.

Whenever the main instrument is tuned out of a perfect ‘natural’ pitch (like middle C), the other instruments must be tuned to that instrument so that the group as whole are in perfect pitch together.

The ability to tune by ear is crucial for musicians of all kinds, and it is absolutely essential for people who want to sing. There are many fine singers who cannot tell when they are slightly flat or pitchy, but the truly professional singer will always know the exact relative pitch of their voice to the instrumentation they are accompanying.

Advanced techniques in singing and playing music are also greatly enhanced as you develop your ear. Playing your instrument in harmony with the rest of the musicians is an excellent way to make the music more rich and interesting, but it is useless to try if you are not in perfect tune with one another. Training your ear to perfect pitch also makes it much easier to find the harmonies when you are doing this.

For singers, of course, it is absolutely essential that they are in key with the other singers, and small adjustments may have to be made to the singer who is carrying the lead. This is just as true when singers are performing complex harmonies. Having a trained ear makes creating harmonies with the voice much easier to accomplish, and is the sign of a true professional in the music world.

Some people may be born with a slightly better ability to hear notes, but as in all things musical, it is hard practice and the application of what you learn that is really important. It is possible to Improve your tuning skills, and sharpening these skills will pay off whether you are a singer or an instrumentalist.

Try this precision listening method to perfect your perfect pitch skills, and advance your musical abilities to the next level of skill and professionalism! TuneCrack can help you improve your tuning skills!

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F. Rudin, also known under the Nickname “PitchFeedback” develops software to help individuals to understand music better. The newest program TuneCrack stands for: Crack the tuning problem – Improve your tuning skills.

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