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The Importance Of Yoga Liability Insurance

     One of the world’s most popular forms of exercise is yoga. Around the world, it is regularly taught in dozens of countries and thousands of gyms. Through its practice, people can learn to control their breathing and have their flexibility improved. The mind is able to enter into a meditative state and the body can relax much easier. However, there are poses which require difficult body movements. Therefore, if a person does not perform a pose in the correct way, they could get injured very easily. Depending on the part of the body involved and the specific pose the person is trying to perform, a severe injury can be sustained. Because of this, it is imperative that every instructor have insurance so they will be protected against lawsuits filed by students who are injured during one of their classes. Here is some yoga liability insurance information you need to know:

Who needs yoga insurance?

Every instructor who wants to be protected from financial ruin should have this type of insurance. Paying a monthly premium will not cost nearly as much as what you would pay if you are successfully sued by a former student. Most studios and gyms do not cover any of their instructors under their insurance. A studio’s insurance coverage usually offers general liability coverage. It is important to realize that instructors are not specifically covered under a policy like this. Therefore, it is the responsibility of instructors to purchase their own insurance. The vast majority of studios require all of their instructors to have insurance coverage. Even if an instructor is employed by a studio where insurance coverage is not mandatory, it is still a wise decision to have insurance coverage. There is no good reason to gamble with your future by teaching classes with no insurance.

How much does yoga insurance cost?

Insurance does not cost a lot, especially when you compare it to other forms of liability coverage. However, it is always important to shop around to be certain you are getting a competitive rate. $100 to $400 is what you should expect to pay on an annual basis. If you do not teach more than six hours of classes every week, some companies will give you a lower rate. When you are shopping around, ask the various providers if they offer this discount.

What type of yoga insurance should I get?

The types of yoga you teach will determine the type of insurance that will protect you the best. For example, if different types are taught in your class, or if you also teach a different activity or sport in your class, you may need to buy a secondary policy. The reason for this is because certain insurance polices will not cover aerial or acro-yoga.

If wellness and food are involved in any part of your class, a different policy may be necessary. When you are contacting insurance providers, be very specific regarding what you are teaching in your classes. A standard insurance policy should include abuse/molestation, medical payments for students, general liability and professional liability coverage. If you are not covered for all four of these things by the insurance policy of your studio, buy your own policy immediately to protect yourself.

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