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The Increasing Need for Dedicated Social Workers in India

     When was the last time you saw an old rag picker rummaging through public dust bins for thrown away edibles? Have you ever gazed upon the plight of small children working at odd hours in a factory manufacturing crackers? Are you aware of the statistics of domestic violence in urban as well as rural households?

Well, most of you would answer in the negative. Social work India has never established itself as an independent profession or an arena which lures the youth, the rich or the general public. There is an increasing need for more enthusiastic people to come forward and take up the cause of the underprovided, downtrodden and those victimized by the more powerful.

Although till date the scenario seemed bleak, now there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. With a degree in Social Work offering lucrative employment opportunities and a wide scope for individual practice, more people are now coming forward to make positive differences.

The future of social work in India

Indian laws have now made it compulsory for factories to employ a welfare officer. Hospitals, government as well as private social welfare organizations are employing social workers, personnel officers and HRD managers. The importance of social work India is now carving out a place for those looking for higher financial and social status; through increased opportunities for social work graduates and employees.

The underlying values

The values of social workers are based on the edifice of respect for worth, dignity and equality of all people. They strive to meet the various human needs and develop the underlying human potential. Social justice has always served as a motivating factor for providing solidarity to the disadvantaged, alleviating poverty, liberating the vulnerable or oppressed and promoting higher social inclusion.

As difficult as it may seem to pledge this support for addressing barriers, injustices and inequities which are prevalent in the Indian society; focused social workers are preventing dysfunction , thus enriching lives and helping the underprivileged reach their optimum potential—and in more ways than one.

The professional approach to social work

If we take a deeper look into professional social work, we do realize that it concentrates on problem solving and bringing about positive changes. Social workers have to act as catalysts and change agents for bringing about the correct transformations in the lives of communities, families and individuals they serve.

Apart from responding to emergencies and crises in day-to-day life, well organized social work strategies should associate themselves with social problems and ground root issues which plague our society. They should utilize the techniques, skills and activities that have a consistent and holistic focus on people and their immediate environments. The interventions made by social workers need to imbibe psychological processes for involvement in social policies, development and planning.

The way forward…

If you are interested in relieving the sufferings and hardships of the underprivileged, then find local avenues to associate yourself with domestic counseling, social pedagogical work, clinical aid and other social group activities. Pledge this effort to engage in agency administration, community organization and purposes which impact economic development and social policies—to bring the right impact!

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