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The Meaning of Colors When Used In Custom Labeling

     As product manufacturers the concept of outsourcing is nothing new. This is so true when it comes to all of the activities outside of product development such as packaging, labeling, marketing, distribution and the list goes on and on. Our focus in this article will be on custom product labeling. Although manufacturers are able to outsource the designing and manufacturing of the label they need to have the final say. It is crucial that product manufacturers have a basic understanding of these key elements even down to the affects color has on consumers.

Choosing a combination of colors to create the identity of your brand is vital to its success. The colors chosen will continue to represent your brand and product lines for years and years to come. It is essential that the colors used function to create the emotion and feelings that you expect consumers to have when making a purchase. When this process is done effectively your brand will be recognized by the products label without the use of any words or information; the colors and graphics alone will be enough for people to recognize your brand.

The Symbolism of Color in Custom Labeling

Red is color that represents feelings of passion, love, excitement. It is a color that attracts consumers and is in fact one of the most popular colors used in custom labeling. Think about products that incorporate the color red in them. How do you feel when you see these products? Whether I am thinking about food or places I enjoy visiting the color red is abundant. In the restaurants I like the interiors are red, my favorite foods and drinks all red. Pasta sauces, wines, apples, peppers and more all make me feel new, whole and full of vigor. This is what the color red does when used within custom labels.

The color blue is often used when trying to create a sense of authority, professionalism and dominance. This is why many corporate logos use the color blue. Consider businesses that you consider to be powerful. What color do you see? Most likely it is a shade of blue. From financial institutions to pharmaceutical companies blue signifies trust and control. It is a color that you can lead and therefore allowing consumers to have the confidence to follow.

If you are looking to represent your product in the most environmentally friendly light possible the color green is your best bet. The color green offers visualizations of nature and therefore invokes the splendor, lightness and freedom consumers seek when surrounded by the elements of nature. Calm and growth, if this is the image you seek for your product be sure to use the color green, in a variety of shades within your products label.

In our next installment on custom labeling we will look into the appeal of other popular colors often used in labeling. Orange, purple, black, white and combinations of colors all say something unique about your brand. The key to brand success is the understanding of what feelings and images are perceived when using them in custom labeling.

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