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The Next 500 Years of the Golden Age

     Actually, the Mayan years are more like a 9-month year and they base that on the time it takes for a child to be conceived and born and the time it takes for the wheat and the corn to be planted and harvested. So it’s more like a 9-month year as opposed to a 365-day year, or 12-month year as we know it. But let’s just make it simple and call it “year”.

Now, what a lot of people don’t know is that the word “age” was left off.At one point in time it was called “the end of the world” and the media got a hold of it and I don’t even need to tell you what has happened. Just look around, look on television, look at the movies and you can see where that has gone. However, there have been world ages before this one and there are going to be world ages after this one. And so it’s really the ending of one world age, which is a 5,125-year calendar that the Mayans came up with. And those are really 9 months instead of 12. So there you have it.

The good thing is, is that when one door closes another one opens. When one calendar ends another one begins. You know, people used to ask me all the time, and they still do, “What’s going to happen after 2012?” Well, my answer is, “2013, silly!” Some of us are going to live through this and some of us aren’t. But think about it – some people lived through 2011 and some people didn’t. Some people lived through the year 2000 and some people didn’t. And so, a lot of us are going to go on to 2013 and my job is to help you understand what is happening and learn how to embrace it.

Now the Shift, the end of the 5,125 year calendar,what did the Mayans base it on? It’s based on all of the planets in the universe, not just Mother Earth, completing one 5,125 year cycle. And as these planets are finishing their cycle, they’re coming into a certain alignment that is creating this electromagnetic frequency and pull, and that electromagnetic frequency is affecting us as human beings and all the other planets as well. We only know what’s going on here on Mother Earth where the electromagnetic frequency is causing a very strong pull, much like magnets. Think of taking two magnets and putting them closer and closer and then all of a sudden you feel a pull and then SNAP! That is what’s happening as these planets are coming closer together.

I went to this great conference in October 2011 in Glastonbury, Connecticut called the Megalithomania Conference. It was a think tank with all these brilliant scientific men who were exploring the spirituality of the Mayan Calendar and all the sacred sites. And it’s amazing how science and spirituality really do come from the same place and how they’re very complementary. At the conference they said that the Earth’s surface is puckering under the electromagnetic frequency and the pressure and what’s happening is that the Earth’s surface is moving. Due to that movement, puckering, and the yielding to the strong electromagnetic frequency, there are earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes. A little more so now than other times because of this pull. A lot of you are what we call “sensitive” to energy, psychic information, healing information and energy and you have felt that puckering of your own physical body. There’s something called Ascension Symptoms: chronic headaches, chronic fatigue, blurry vision. You go to the doctor, you get everything checked out and he/she says that you’re fine. And it’s really your own electromagnetic field – your auric field – puckering and recalibrating to this new energy. What I recommend for a lot of people is to use reiki to help recalibrate and acclimate to these new frequencies. As the Shift shifts our consciousness, we need to recalibrate our physical body in order to contain and hold that new consciousness. Reiki is a wonderful way to align your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes to this new energy, harness it, and really embrace it.

So that’s a condensed history to the Shift and where we are now. So what’s next? 500 years of a the Golden Age. Where did I get that phrase from? I went to Europe and I went to these giant libraries and I picked up these giant Harry Potter looking books and I read about the Lumerian culture, the Egyptian, the Atlantean, the Mesopotamian, the Aztec, and the Mayan cultures. And you know what? If you take time to read those books you’d find references to the next 500 years of the Golden Age which starts after 2012. So our task now is to welcome in the next 500 years of the Golden Age. Based on my crystals and how I’ve channeled them, all the roads, energy, and crystals are pointing towards February 13, 2013. Revisit me then and I’ll give you more information.

The next 500 years of the Golden Age have been referenced over and over in all of these ancient texts. You’ve seen it written down and scribbled amongst the historical tablets. What’s interesting is that they all refer to the Golden Age via the symbol of the rainbow. However, the rainbow’s colors are not primary colors. They are pastel colors very much like the sacred abalone shell. I started studying this and I started working with Lemurian Seed Crystals, and I was getting my own channeled energy. And I had the good fortune and the great blessing of studying with the great master teachers around the world. And again, all of these people who do not know each other, have been getting channeled messages about 2013 and beyond and the next 500 to 800 years of the Golden Age. The informationand the secrets are in the stones and you can channel them to get it.

The next 500 years of the Golden Age is about really welcoming in the new energies after the Shift of 2012. And these new energies are a higher, sweeter, gentler energy than what we’ve lived in the last 5,125 years. A lot of those energies resonated with a patriarchal energy. However, currently the axis of the Earth – and I learned this at the Megalithomania Conference back in October 2011 – is shifting to the right and starting in 2013 it’s going to shift back to the left and straighten itself out. New divine feminine frequencies are going to come in and help balance out the divine masculine. Living through this time period is very exciting because we get to explore both sides of our being.

We are going to enjoy a gentler, kinder frequency starting in February, 2013. Now the keyword here is “starting”. We’re really going to feel this rumble, this shift between 2013 and 2021 and I do believe by 2022 things are going to be a lot easier on everyone. But we’re going to go through a recalibration period. So what do we do with that? We embrace it, we look forward to it. Right now is a great time to leave your karmic baggage behind. Now is the time to get rid of old negative patterns that you no longer need and you have to make a conscious effort to re-pattern it with positive karmic patterns that are going to last you the next 500 years of the Golden Age. Even though our bodies may not that long, our souls are just going to continue to breeze on through that and reincarnate several times – at least once if not twice.

The next 500 years of the Golden Age is a gentler, higher, sweeter frequency which is going to take some getting used to. Over the last 5 years you may have noticed a lot of crumbling. Obviously the economy has crumbled, but also families, marriages, friendships and even our homes. A lot of these old infrastructures started crumbling, whether we wanted them to or not, and that was a very rough energy. Many of us are just coming out of this like warriors coming out of the battle field exhausted and depleted.

The good news is that we are going to regenerate. How do we do that? We go to Mother Earth because that is where we go to empower ourselves and heal. And of course, we can contact the divine and the angels – they work great too. They’re wonderful to replenish our spiritual energy, but what do we do about our physical energy? We are from the Earth and so we need to go back to the Earth and recharge our battery from the bottom up just like we recharge our battery from the top down with the divine.

I believe that time is a continuum and we’re actually channeling back to the very beginning. The next 500 years of the Golden Age is the return of the ways of the Lemurian goddesses of the land of milk and honey. If we each change our own frequency and we each resonate with Mother Earth and stop bugging her, She can heal herself. But it starts with reverence and respect for Mother Earth. If we each are responsible for our own frequency, our own electromagnetic smog, our own juju, if we each change ourselves, the collective change can happen almost overnight. If we are responsible for our own resonance with Mother Earth, we carry that reverence and respect, and stop trying to control everyone else and just work on ourselves, this change can come about that much more quickly and efficiently. And I do believe that if each and every one of us takes that responsibility of connecting in our own unique way to Mother Earth, that Mother Earth can heal herself and she can do it quickly. You can do it through reiki, you can do it through psychic development, and you can do it through a stone program.

One way that I know how to do it and do it really well is through the stones because they are of the Earth. And if you can attune to the stones, you can attune to Mother Earth. And again, the sacred messages are buried within the stones, hundreds and thousands of years of information. In my radio shows I go through how to connect with stones and how to connect with past lives and how to draw out this secret information. I urge you to seek counsel and guidance because there is a way for each and every one of us to connect with Mother Earth and the divine and really help make this world a better place.

We as people are changing our frequency but I’ll tell you, the stones are doing it too! We’re all attuning, we’re all evolving, and we’re all in this together. A really great stone to work with to attune to the next 500 years of the Golden Age is the crystal calcite. Crystal calcite is about connecting to the divine. And of course you can also use the sacred Lemurian Seed Crystal which was buried in the Earth and left by our elders for us to find and to attune to. It was left to help us usher in the next 500 years of the Golden Age, I’m certain of that. Pay attention to the dolphins and the whales because they carry the frequency of the Lemurian energy. Think about it, they work with sonar and they work in water and water amplifies. Just go to the sea and connect with those sounds. That’s a great way to attune to the next 500 years of the Golden Age. Another one is rose quartz. A lot of people use it for “self love and heart healing”. Yes, it does indeed work for that; however, the frequency of rose quartz is now evolving to a higher level. It’s not leaving its old job behind; it’s just taking on new facets, awakening new abilities. Rose quartz helps connect you to the healing planet of Mother Earth. Celestite is another great stone which connects you to the divine and the guides but also helps to bring your spirituality up and hold it there. That and rose quartz work beautifully together with a Lemurian Seed Crystal and the golden crystal calcite.

We want to stay anchored to Mother Earth as well as bringing our frequency up, and to do that you can work with a nice rough piece of garnet. It’s very difficult stone to find, but if you seek you shall find. A raw piece of garnet is really great to connect to the center of the Earth. Now the garnet is called a metamorphic stone; it started out as clear quartz and it fell through a crevice down towards the center of the Earth. It heated up to the consistency of candle wax, changed properties through the melting process, and as the Earth spun on its axis, it propelled it back up towards the surface of the Earth in a metamorphic fashion, producing a beautiful garnet. I think a lot of you are familiar with garnet. It’s a semi-precious stone and it’s red and it’s connected to the root chakra and the earth chakra. It’s an excellent stone to hang onto for grounding when working with the high frequencies of Lemurian Seed Crystals, the rose quartz, the celestite, and the golden crystal calcite.

And lastly, let’s talk about green fuchsite. Green fuchsite connects you to that healing holistic clover type energy. Imagine yourself just rolling in a beautiful bed of clover of healing green earth. That is an excellent stone to keep you grounded and connected to the healing energies and frequencies and the regenerative energies of Mother Earth.

All of these stones’ frequencies are adapting and attuning to the new frequencies of 2013, the next 500 years of the Golden Age. And by working with these stones and really embracing their energies – whether you sleep with them, you do stone layouts with them, you meditate with them, any way you connect – these stones can really help raise your frequency in a very nice and gentle and very balanced way to help get you ready and prepared to walk out of 2012 and into 2013.

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