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The Significance of Product Labels Within The Food Industry

     Product packaging and labeling are important aspect in marketing your company’s products. This is especially true when it comes to products within the food industry. When it comes to selling food products it is important to realize that both the products packaging and labeling are created for protection, freshness, and marketing in compliance with government regulations. Within the food and beverage industry products can use a number of packaging materials including flexible packaging which is exceedingly popular in the industry right now.

Food and beverage packaging manufactures must ensure they know what their clients are looking for before they have defined any details in regards to the packaging and labeling of any food product. It is important to know if consumers are looking for products with packaging that is reusable or able to be resealed to keep the products freshness or if perhaps consumers will be using the entire product in one sitting. To better determine what type of packaging and labeling best suits the product manufactures should have concrete answers to the following questions.

What quantity of the product is to be sold? Will there be a variety of sizes to choose from? Will the product be used all at once or at several different intervals?

It is important to know the quantity that is going to be sold before designing a package or label for any food product. Custom labeling should be created to decipher between varieties of product sizes within a brand.

What type of packaging materials do consumers expect when it comes to this type of product? What common options do manufacturers use when packaging and labeling competitive products? How will the package and label stand out on the shelf when surrounded by the competition?

Common packaging materials include plastic, aluminum and cardboard. Different materials offer various advantages to the products they enclose. Plastic packaging is perfect for frozen, perishable, snack and bakery goods. Aluminum is a great material for packaging liquids like juice, soft drinks, beer and canned goods that are perishable. Cardboard packaging is a great material for packaging frozen, fresh, perishable and dry food products.

How will the product be displayed on store shelves? What type of container will the package safely fit in for shipping?

Once it has been decided what material will be used for packaging there are questions that need to be answered about shipping and displays. It is important to create a package and product label that represent the product that is being sold before the production of either the package or label for the product is designed and manufactured.

After the above questions has been answered and decided upon production of the products package and label can begin. It is important that manufactures have a clear understanding of the product and brand before a custom label and package is created to market and distribute a product. This is the same whether a brand is introducing a new product or a new brand is being introduced to the market. A custom label and package are a huge part of the marketing. It is crucial that attention is given to every detail of a creating a new product from product development, package creation and custom label design in order to have a successfully marketed product.

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