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The Work At Home Parents Stereotype

     Just one of the hardest issues to battle with as work at home parents is the perception of others that you aren’t working. Many people think that work at home parents aren’t working at all, and that they have all of the free time in the world. Those who have spent any time working at home know that there is a great deal of time and energy that goes into effectively working at home. Friends who call in the middle of the day, spouses who expect you to be doing more while home or family members who make offhand comments, can undermine those efforts.

Stay at Home Parents vs. Work at Home Parents

Not all stay at home parents work, and if you have friends who don’t it can possibly be hard for them to understand that your days aren’t free. Calls during your working time, invitations to lunch and uninvited guests can throw a wrench in your work schedule. For your friends to respect your time, it is essential to make your working schedule clear to them.

If you don’t have a clear work schedule, then it is time to generate one for yourself. By setting office hours for yourself, you make it clear to everyone around you that you are serious about your work. It will also help set boundaries for your time. Tell your friends that you will be unavailable from a certain time to a certain time, but you ‘d love to talk before or after those times. You may even go so far as to shut down your phone. If you do answer the phone and someone would like to chat, politely let them know that you are working but can speak after a certain time. Also, schedule things like lunches or visits for one day weekly. By doing this you’ll reduce the drop-ins and spontaneous invitations.

Spouses of Work at Home Parents

Spouses can sometimes have difficulty understanding why, if you are home all day, the housework isn’t done. This problem can best by solved by familiarizing him or her with the nature of your business. Show him or her exactly what you have to do each day, and how long it requires to do each task. Help him or her understand your work schedule, and how much time you must work per day. Showing exactly how much money you are making will help him or her realize the benefits of your work as well.

Then ask him or her to help you come up with solutions for working at home and maintaining the household. Make a list of things that need to be done each week, and assign duties to each of you and the children (if they are old enough). Then taking care of the house becomes a family priority and something that you all share responsibility in. Notify him or her of any special projects by keeping a work calendar on the wall. That way he or she can see what is going on with your work schedule, and why you have ordered pizza for dinner three times in the last week!

Single Work at Home Parents

Undoubtedly for the single work at home parents, nevermind the previous paragraph … you’ve got this!

Many work at home parents can be hurt over offhand comments about working at home. Family or even friends can say things like “Well you have the time, because you are at home.” In situations like these, you have two choices. You can either get upset and offer a flustered defense or you can take their comments with a grain of salt and offer a calm response. According to the situation you can say something like “Well, let me check my work schedule. I know I am not available on these days” or “That would be great on Friday afternoon, which is when I leave time in my work schedule for those types of things.”.

Remember, working at home is new territory for lots of people although the number of work at home parents is growing. It may take a long time for the average person to understand the commitment and scheduling that it takes to effectively work from home. You may never convince some people that you are actually working while at home but establishing respect for your own time is one way to make them see that your work is a priority.

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I’am a single work at home dad by necessity rather than by choice. In any event, if you’re looking to become a work at home parent visit the link to my website above, or click here to watch a quick video message that will help you explore some exciting work at home options.

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