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Tips to Help You Tile a Bathroom Floor

     By updating the flooring in your bathroom, you can give it a fresh new look. Ceramic floor tiles or porcelain floor tiles are the perfect choice for this type of room. They are strong, water-resistant, durable and unlikely to chip or stain. Laying floor tiles is one remodelling project that, although tricky, is possible to do yourself.

Here is a step-by-step-guide to laying floor tiles in your bathroom:

1) To work out the floor area, measure the rooms at the longest and widest points and then multiply these two numbers together. This will help you to buy the correct amount of tiles. Allow approximately 15% extra for wastage, cutting and breakages.

2) Choose tiles that fit with your décor and make sure they are fit for use on floors and in wet areas.

3) When you are ready to start, turn off the water valve and flush the toilet as this will empty it.

4) Remove the nuts that are keeping the toilet in place as you will need to tile beneath the base of the toilet.

5) Remove the moulding from the current floor and the base of the walls.

6) Find the central point of your room. This is where you will need to tile from. It should also be the central point of any design you are planning with your floor tiles.

7) Lay out your tiles on the bathroom floor in the pattern of your choice. Spend time playing around with different ideas until you find a pattern you like.

8) Mix just enough of the tile adhesive to lay the first few tiles. This sets quickly so do not mix too much in one go.

9) Using the flat edge of a trowel, spread some tile adhesive onto the bathroom floor.

10) Using the pointed end of the trowel, create ridges in the tile adhesive.
11) Lay the tiles on the tile adhesive and lightly press down.

12) Use a vinyl spacer between each floor tile.

13) Mix more tile adhesive and continue tiling the floor by repeating the previous four steps.

14) Check that the tiles are laid evenly using a level. You will need to check the level repeatedly in different areas of the bathroom. Uneven tiles do not look good and can lead to water pooling in the room.

15) When you get to the edges of the room, you may need to cut the tiles to size using a tile-cutter.

16) Using a rubber grout float, push the grout in the spaces between the tiles.

17) Holding the float at an angle of 45 degrees, remove any excess grout from the tiles.

18) Once the grout has dried, remove any further excess using a damp cloth.

19) Wait a few days to give the grout and mortar some time to set, then apply a sealer.

If these steps are followed carefully, you should be able to achieve a fantastic new bathroom floor that will create a whole new look in your bathroom. Ceramic floor tiles or porcelain floor tilesare the perfect choice for a stunning and practical floor that will be the envy of any visitors to your home.

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