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Using Contract Accountants

     There are not many small to medium sized business owners who enjoy the thought of accounting. For most, the idea of a day spent dealing with numbers is enough to induce a headache! Luckily, there are certain people who excel at financial documentation and working with numbers, called accountants.

A lot of businesses think that hiring an accountant to deal with their taxes, payrolls and other financial paperwork is out of their reach due to cost, but they would be wrong. The accounting workload at most small and medium sized business does not warrant the use of a full time accountant, so a contract accountant is the perfect solution. These accountants can come into your business on a schedule that suits you and efficiently perform many of the tasks that you hate to do. Below, just a few of the things a contract accountant can do for you are outlined.

Tax Preparation

One of the most common things that a business will have a contract accountant do for them is to prepare taxes. Tax law can be difficult to understand and preparing taxes by yourself can be a real pain. By hiring an accountant to come in periodically and help with your taxes, you can completely remove this burden and concentrate on what you do best. As a bonus, you can sleep easy in the knowledge that your taxes have been prepared by a professional with years of experience.

Tax Minimisation

Tax minimisation may sound scary, but unlike tax avoidance, it is not illegal. There are a number of completely legal methods you can use to minimise the amount of tax that you and your company are required to pay.

While these methods are not a secret, it does take some knowledge to understand how they work and to properly utilise them. If you try to undertake these minimisation strategies on your own, you could fall afoul of the law! Because of this, the best option for tax minimisation in small business is to hire a contract accountant skilled in this area and let them do all the hard work.


If there is one thing you want to ensure that you get right, it should be the payroll. Far too many business have payroll problems that result in employees being paid incorrectly and not on time. This is very annoying to your employees, potentially alienating them and in some cases also costs you money. A skilled accountant can set up processes in your business that will allow them to do your payroll right first time, every time. You will be truly surprised at how efficient a contract accountant will be at doing all the work associated with your payroll!


Many of the small business that fail, do so because of poor bookkeeping. By not properly keeping track of expenditures and income, it can be almost impossible to tell if a business is in trouble until it is too late. Even by bringing in a contract accountant a few times a week will give you a much clearer picture of your businesses financial position.

For more information, or to hire a contract accountant, contact a local accounting firm specialising small business accounting today.

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