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Utility Tools That Could Fix Common Pc Problems

     Deep within your computer are dark forces that are lurking to destroy your Operating System. Those dark forces are equipped with some crafty tools, which allow them to stay hidden. They could cause errors and corrupt vital system files. The only way to find those dark elements is through the use of various tools. So, how can you find those hidden errors found within your computer? There are various applications that can help you find problems while at the same time speed up your OS.
One of the many tools that you can use is System Information. This application is designed to help you with the different startup programs found inside your PC. Startup programs are actually those apps that open once you run Windows. Some of them are necessary since they are required by your other applications but some are downright nasty. Along with startup programs, this app can actually help you discover some conflicts within your hardware, the types of devices connected in your motherboard, and the drivers installed.
You can actually spot malicious files and viruses with the help of System Information but it can be a challenge. If you know how to look at the startup apps found on your information screen then you will be able to find those malicious programs that are secretly running on your OS. If you are having a hard time in locating them you just need to look at the manufacturer. Most viruses have an unknown or blank manufacturer. The virus will also be running in an unknown folder. Once you find the virus, you only need to search for the folder and delete that specific file.
If you are still having problems in dealing with those malicious programs then you can just rely on a freeware antivirus and antimalware. Windows actually has a free security tool found on its website. All you have to do is to download the program and install it in your computer. Download the update for the security app and then run a full search. If its spots any viruses then you can either clean it or just place that file within the quarantine folder. The best thing about the antivirus program provided by Windows is that you can also run it in boot mode; this means that when your registry is affected by the virus then this efficient tool will be able to successfully remove the virus from the registry.
Another tool is the System Restore app. This app is designed to help you restore your computer when there is already damage within its registry. If your Operating System is not running well after you installed a specific program then you can just restore your OS to a certain point in time that is recorded within the System Restore checkpoints. The only catch with this tool is that it will never work unless you turn it on. Hence you need to open this app once you have used your PC for the first time. Select the date as to when you want to restore your computer and just press enter. If you are having problems with the restoration then you can do this in safe mode. Windows safe mode can be opened through resetting your computer then press F8 while on boot mode. Your PC will then prompt you if you want to start with Safety Mode. Load this feature and you will now be able to fully restore your computer.
If all else fails and you are still unable to remove the errors or the virus within your OS, then you may have to use the recovery disk provided by Windows. Yes, there is actually a recovery CD or disk which is provided by the OEM. If you cannot find the recovery disk then you can just create a new one.
Another way to resolve the issue within your computer is through deleting some programs. There are actually times wherein one program will be in direct conflict with another app. This usually occurs when you install two programs with the same use. For instance, you might have installed an antivirus which is in conflict with another antivirus app that is currently within your OS. You need to choose the right antivirus program for you and you need to delete the other one. This is also the solution for conflicting system cleaners and video players. In order to delete a program, you need to use the uninstall feature found on the app’s folder. You can also use the “Add or Remove” feature found within Control Panel, just remember to check the programs first before you uninstall them.

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