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Voting 4 Reasons Not To and 1 Reason To Vote

     With the UK general election coming up in May and the USA having theirs in November next year here’s a few things you need to know before voting.

Like many towns when I was a kid our school was used as a polling station. Believing them to be true I can remember 3 sentiments that were deeply instilled into me from the voters’ attitudes/opinions on voting and they were:

– Voting was exercising your democratic right

– Our forefathers had to fight for this ‘democratic right’ to vote so not voting was apathy

– Choosing a minority candidate was considered to be a wasted vote since it wouldn’t produce an outcome…

– As the years rolled by well into adulthood deep down I had a gut feeling that these3 things didn’t add up right and later came to the realization that they were totally untrue for the following reasons. These are my 4 reasons not to vote and why I will not be voting.

1. Voting is an illusion of choice because there is no real democracy

A sure fire way of conning people into choosing, to produce a desired outcome, is to present them with something that looks like a choice when in actual fact there isn’t one!

Let me explain with an example. Take the case of parents and how they can get their child to produce a desired outcome through giving an illusion of choice: The parent asks their child ‘When will you be having your bath, will it be right now or in 20 minutes..?’ In other words the child gets the idea that it is not being dictated to and complies because it has been given a choice. It has bought into an illusion because in fact it doesn’t have a choice. Whether it says right now or in 20 minutes it has to have a bath.

-This is analogous to what is going on in politics and voting. The deception is that people in the masses have bought into the illusion that they have a choice over the main directions the newly elected political party and politicians will make when in office.

The people have no choice over the main directions because all the major political parties are heavily funded, backed and controlled by the real rulers of the world those that own and control the major corporations (weapons, oil, drugs, gold…) and the banks: With a way too disproportionate slice of the world’s wealth they rule the world with a hidden agenda. The political party that gets in office particularly the senior politicians will have to serve that agenda which is why they were heavily funded and will continue to be.

In effect this means not serving the wishes of we-the-people those who the senior politicians were elected to serve.

2. The elected politicians are mere puppets

To reiterate further, bought off and forever receiving quiet backhanders for implementing laws and other actions that further restrict our freedom the world stage con artists puppet politicians pretending that they care about you are only in office ultimately to do the deeds for their lords and master’s the owner/controllers of the major corporations/banks with their grossly unfair, enslaving and destructive new world order agenda.

Regardless of which main political party you chose this is what you’ll get. Thus voting is not a way of exercising your democratic right because there is no democracy. The choice is an illusion. Is this what you want for you, your family, children and their children to be?

How much more history do you have to see to realize that election campaigns bring a whole string of promises that turn out to be downright lies from the party’s leaders? The leaders never had any intentions of keeping those promises because they were only used as ‘gimmicks’ to win voters’ hearts.

In an extremely corrupt political system these senior politicians are nothing more than unmitigated pathological liars, narcissistic, dangerous, devoid of empathy and a genuine want to care for others… Many politicians are too brainwashed, ignorant, arrogant, spineless or even stupid to see right through the whole political charade.

3. The system serves to be disempowering

In effect, choosing to elect one of these political parties’ means that you have given away your power to a system that is disempowering fascist tyranny, regardless of which party you chose. A clear indication that these parties are all the same can be seen by the fact that they chose the same major directions; harmful GMO’s, pro-European Union, giving unquestioning support to the USA in illegal/immoral acts like the invasion of Iraq and the drive towards war in other countries… etc.

Those choosing to abstain from voting cannot be accused of apathy because if nobody showed up for voting then none of these parties could assert ‘tax or draft.’ In other words a political party can only claim office through the power granted to them by we-the-people.

-I stopped giving consent to corrupt, fascist tyranny a long time ago. Have you?

4. Election turnouts have dropped over the years

A drop in voter numbers at elections over the years reflects the dwindling confidence that people have in politicians. It shows an increasing realization by the people that voting doesn’t change anything, having seen right through the deception.

5. There is way out

Don’t vote for any of the major political parties as things will only worsen. The solution, to avoid this disempowering situation and Orwellian 1984 dystopia planned by the owners/controllers of the major corporations/banks using their puppet politicians to do the deeds, is to choose independent candidates.

Chose independent candidates that have no ties to the major political parties with their crooked institutions and have an honest, genuine intention to care for the people he/she wants to serve, in other words a politician by the people for the people.

The choosing of a minority candidate is therefore not a waste of time but an investment. The popularity and build up of independent politicians could take a while, but if the commitment begins to pay off then we could see more individuals following in the same footsteps…

This idea needs to kick in immediately. It is the answer to transforming politics and society.

-Could you stand for parliament as an independent candidate?

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