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Wading Through the Mud to Buy the Perfect Laptop

     Once you have made the decision to convert an area in the den into a home office, exactly what is the next step? The next choice to make is whether to invest in a desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Desktops have been traditionally what is thought of when one imagines a computer. The usefulness of desktops is that they can have excellent components. Not only that, but the components in a desktop are generally easily accessible, so you can upgrade it in the future, instead of getting another brand new computer. You could improve the graphics card, or add a hard drive. Desktops also come with six or more USB ports, whereas laptops only have half that many. The largest CPUs and GPUs require big cooling fans, and these will only fit inside a desktop. These computers also support numerous monitors. The downside of desktops is that they are not portable. They are designed to be stationary. If you need the fastest possible computer, then a desktop is an excellent option. Good desktop brands are ASUS, Dell, and Xi3.

A laptop computer is smaller and easy to transport compared to traditional desktops. Laptop computers used to be less powerful than desktop models, yet in the present day, laptop computers can be just about as capable as desktop models, for basically all except the most power hungry programs. One of the downsides of laptops are that they have space limitations, and processors designated for them run at lower temperatures. The consequences of this are that laptops can’t have big fans that are essential to use the speediest processors. You will often encounter a 500 GB hard drive in a laptop. Additionally, you get fewer USB ports. The components are compact, and upgrading components after the fact may be difficult. You may be able to change out the hard drive. What you get is portability. You can have a mobile lifestyle. Reliable laptop computer brands are Alienware and Razer.

Tablets can resemble laptops without a keyboard. With the commercialization of touch screens, tablets are universal. One of the choices you have is to get an electronic device that is both a laptop and a tablet in one machine. Alternatively, you can buy a separate detachable keyboard for quite a few tablets. One of the reasons that tablets are so popular is that they are mobile. A tablet is probably not your first thought when you imagine your home office computer. This couldn’t be further from the truth because tablets are quite powerful now. As an example, you can download office applications. You can also give presentations. They are superb for a mobile lifestyle. There are three major operating systems for tablets, one of which is Android. Reliable tablet brands are Amazon and Microsoft.

Contemplate file storage. Internal hard drives come as standard equipment on laptops, desktops, and tablets. You might want an external hard drive to back up your data and store it safely at home. Select a rotational drive or flash memory. You may want to consider the cloud for longer term storage. For sharing data routinely, or for increasing the storage capacity of a tablet or laptop, you should purchase SD and micro SD cards. These work on laptops and tablets. Phones and cameras also utilize SD cards. Another common method to transport files is through USB Drives. Not every tablet has USB ports. Sony Laptops use Sony Memory Sticks. Excellent memory brands are Kingston, Atech, and Dane-elec.

Printers are vital office equipment for the home office. Think about whether you must have color printouts, and how frequently. How fast do you need the printer to output pages? Do you also want a fax machine, copier, and scanner? Do you plan to print photos regularly? For the nicest quality and most rapid throughput, choose a laser printer. For color printouts, they are expensive. If you print in color on a dedicated basis, and want to keep the costs low, find an ink jet printer. You can usually find them marketed as an all-in-one office machine, serving as a scanner, copier, and fax machine. Another category of printer you can make a choice of is a photo printer. These machines can function as well as mail order photo printing services. The downside is that the ink and the paper are expensive. Reliable printer suppliers are Epson, HP, and Ricoh.

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