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What Are The 2 Biggest Forms Of Enslavement On Humanity?

     -Now that’s a question seldom asked but has much significance.

-Answer: The monetary system and religion.

Both are massively entrenched in deception which is the basis of how the enslavement on humanity works: In many ways, the more attached to either the more immersed one becomes in illusion… I’m sure you’ve heard it said ‘It’s a mad world’. Indeed, it is a mad world and in many ways connections to money and religion have been the causes.

Both were invented by the hidden powers that be about 5,000 years ago in the first ever known cities such as Babylon, Mesopotamia and Nineveh in ancient Sumer. Basically, the invention of the monetary system has enslaved humanity on the physical level, while religion has enslaved on the spiritual level stultifying genuine spiritual growth.

Many people are totally unaware of this, that they have been stitched up and how over the years the inventors the ruling elite have very successfully used both money and religion purely for power, financial and political gains.

Money and religion have so many identical common themes or motifs running through each other that it is possible to compare the 2 side by side with the same descriptions.

Here are some of those parallels:

1 .Control by fear

Both money and religion have more than their fare share of control over the masses by fear. I don’t need to tell you that money is the source of so much worry/anxiety and it is indeed the matrix of a crazy survival game… It doesn’t have to be like this, I digress. While religion, using spirituality as an excuse, instils fear of condemnation to Hell; one of religions contradictions:

How can there be a truly loving compassionate God if such a condemnation exists? No such thing exists. As I have previously written, Hell was invented by the first Roman Catholic Church establishment to control people into passivity…

2. Not based on love

In light of the above because money and religion are therefore not based on love, but fear instead, society lacks integrity and no wonder there are so many problems in the world.

3. Invention of things that don’t exist

The banks are able to loan out a lot more money than what’s physically held in the vaults (about 10 times more). Thus, you get people paying off debts plus interest on money loaned to them that doesn’t physically exist! How come? This is possible because the money lent out only exists in paper and electronic transfers. This is how nations of debt slaves have been created and conned by the banks’ owners/controllers getting richer by loaning money that doesn’t exist.

The religions are also false. They have characters such as the New Testament Jesus that never existed. The character was invented and taken from earlier mythological Pagan sun gods with the same biography; born December 25th, virgin birth, saviour of the world, the light and the way, died for the sins of the world… etc. Don’t be fooled by the baseless claims out there saying that the New Testament Jesus did exist…

4. Power, profit and political gain

It is possible to use the dot-connector and see how those hoary old chestnuts; power, profit and political gain rule the world using money and religion.

5. The same individuals…

Carrying on from 4, the same individuals have in effect created both the monetary and false religion enslavement systems. Who are they? They are the same families (google13 families) that have existed over the generations’ right up to this day. We therefore are indeed living in a ruling dynasty; a limited number of elite individuals from certain families who own and control the banks having also created religions for power, profit and political gain.

In conclusion

The elite dynasty’s grossly unfair monetary system and religious scams have indeed been used successfully to control the world but it doesn’t end there. Since time memorial they have planned a world global domination agenda that involves enslavement of humanity…

The solution

The solution for we-the-people is to take back our rightful power by becoming active in:

1. Educating people as to what’s going on here and what the ulterior motives are with this global enslavement agenda and how it could affect them by greatly restricting freedom for themselves, or their family or children, children to be and friends…

2. Equally important is to practice your inner work, involving putting out thoughts, intentions, meditations or prayers for a brighter future. This is very powerful because these are the things that manifest reality. These are the principles related to the laws of attraction.

3. The above has to be done peacefully.

Finally, while creating the context of the above 3, we must stay in integrity and not live as ‘victims.’

Take action NOW. Don’t dismiss this for ‘another day.’

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