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Why Are Gas Prices High And Who Is Accountable

     Certainly President Obama inherited a mess and it is very difficult to figure out how well the president’s policies are working since we don’t know where we would have been without them.

When President Obama took office it goes without saying that he took on a daunting job, and it’s easy to say that he’s at fault for many of the things that are wrong with the economy right now. Since there is no real way to determine just how much worse it could have become if he hadn’t stepped in it’s hard to be sure.

If you were part of the republican party then you’re well aware that one of your leading arguments was to place the blame of our current economic situation square on the shoulders of President Obama. Identifying exactly who is responsible for the soaring gas prices we’re all seeing is difficult, some place blame on Obama. This isn’t really a belief that I can subscribe to since fuel prices were around $4.00 a gallon nearly a year before he was elected as president.

Every day people are pumping gas and those who can remember are probably reflecting on times when gas prices weren’t so high. Since the state of our economy effects us all on such a personal the desire to know who’s behind these price fluctuations is completely understandable. The opinion of Mitt Romney was noted clear as day when he said that gasoline prices more than doubled once President Obama took office.

There was an episode of the O’Reilly show where John Stewart expressed similar thoughts as Romney. So is this true? Shortly after these statements were made the argument was apparently settled when Exxon Mobil posted an image online showing a timestamped photo of the price of gas on the day that President Obama took office, they read at near a buck and 3 quarters per gallon.

So does this settle once and for all who is responsible for our gas prices? No, I don’t think it does. It would appear that these results point to Obama as the one at fault for our gas prices. If you take an honest look at the big picture I think you’ll see that something doesn’t quite sit right. The cost of fuel rose to over $4 when Bush was president.

Ok, so how about if fuel rates rose and fell at the same rate in countries all around the world? Is it possible that this might indicate the president is innocent with regards to the rise and fall of fuel rates? The military could definitely be a key player in the price fluctuations of gas on the world-wide playing field. Bringing unrest to the middle east is a sure fire tactic to influence the price of gas on a world-wide scale.

In prior years Exxon mobile has stated that the price of gas right now is not as bad as it seems if you factor in our currencies inflation rate. Then just a short period of time later they change stories and pitch blame on Obama. Take into consideration the fact that major oil companies are typically multi-national organizations. While some businesses are struggling just to keep their doors open major oil corporations are profiting more than ever before. What should be asked is what group of people or corporations profit the most when fuel prices increase.

It is a fair estimate that the owners of these major oil companies would benefit substantially if the price of gas were to continue rising. If they don’t claim responsibility for gas prices I would be willing to bet they do claim responsibility for the profits they are making. Are they solely responsible? No I don’t think they are. But they should be held accountable for conducting their business in a fair and balanced way. What they are selling can set an entire country at unrest if the prices are too restrictive. They are pulling in extremely large amounts of money so it should be given serious thought as to whether this is something they have the ability to adjust.

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Spenser Baldwin is a writer for Xtreme Fuel Treatment. The company Syntek Global developed XFT to increase fuel efficiency in combustable engines.

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