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Best Ways to Prevent and Treat Black Beard Algae

     After days or weeks of preparation, you finally have an aquarium filled with fish, water, plants and decorations. You are all so happy and proud, but then you notice something that looks like black stains on the decors, leaves, and the aquarium itself. All the fun feeling goes out the window and now replaced with worry, fear, or irritation. You spend a few minutes looking for answers online and found out that those stains are not really stains, but are actually black beard algae.

The Problem with Eliminating the Annoying Algae

Compared to the idea of removing stains, eliminating bba algae seems to be a more daunting task. Like other inexperienced aquarists, the first thing you might do is to look for chemical products that can kill those unsightly creatures. Restrain yourself if you are thinking about doing this. Many have resorted to this solution and felt disappointed in the end. The chemical solutions may be effective in the first few days. However, the creatures will likely to come back if you fail to address the problems that made them thrive in your aquarium.

The Possible Causes of Algae Infestation

Contrary to what many aquarists are saying, the annoying algae are not mainly due to the low levels of carbon dioxide in the aquarium. The primary black beard algae causes have more to do with the balance in your pets’ habitat. These causes include: crowded aquarium as well as undersized and/or clogged filter.

How to Eliminate the Algae

If you are looking for a black beard algae killer for those that infested your aquarium decorations, the best options for you are Flourish Excel and Easy Carbo. Refer to the respective products’ labels for the instructions on how to use them properly. Don’t overuse them because they might adversely affect your fish and aquarium plants.
Adding a fish that eat black beard algae in your aquarium is a more eco-friendly solution. The Siamese algae eater (SAE) is among the best choices for this solution. You may also consider Amano shrimps but limit them to only 1 shrimp for every 5L of water.

How to Prevent Them for Coming Back

Aside from knowing how to kill black beard algae, you should also be familiar with the best ways to prevent their presence in your aquarium. You can’t keep on buying chemical solutions all the time. If the black brush algae problem remain, the most effective preventative solutions are as follows:

Limit fish in your aquarium to 0.5 fish per 1L of water.
Change aquarium water on a weekly basis.
Limit illumination to eight hours per day.
Don’t overfeed.
Make sure your filtration system’s capacity matches with the amount of water in your aquarium.
Clean or replace your filter media on a quarterly basis.
Improve water circulation and the balance between light and nutrients.

The most effective black beard treatment is to kill the creatures and at the same time, improve the balance in your aquarium. It seems like a difficult and time-consuming task initially, but it will help you become a better aquarist in the future.

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