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Cause and Consequences of Deforestation and Go Green Concept

     We all are aware that the world is developing at a very fast pace. Be it the technology or the infrastructure or any other for that matter, we will at least find an eight percent growth, putting everything together. Sometimes we might feel that eight percent is less, however, to keep in mind we have just keep observing the changes that take place around us. To substantiate this point we can give numerous examples. My office is a very beautiful place, completely green all round. Many a times, I find my friends gazing out of the window. That’s when I realized that my office is located in a quite surrounding area, where you would find few sheep grazing as well. However, things changed about a month ago, and today, I find another company coming up. Of course at this point of time we need to feel happy because, the company creates job opportunities for many. Not only this suppose, the company has a better job to offer, this could be an opportunity for many as well. However, this was not the case over here. This does not make any of my colleagues also happy. There were beautiful trees with flowers. During months of November to January, the place looks really colorful, with flowers of many kinds. All these are cut down last month. The beauty to the office has now completely vanished.
This is one problem that is still sustaining in many parts of the world today. We do not have the kind of forests that we had in those days. Most of these forests have been cut down or burnt. Due to this we have a lost a huge variety of plant and animal species living in the forests. One thing we need to keep in mind is that, there are a lot of factors surrounding. The causes and consequences of deforestation are really drastic. One of the main factors that have led to the change is the Weather condition. Today, the temperature has gone high by at least two degrees, compared to the temperature that was there about a decade back. This change is even felt by us and we know for the fact that the world is getting hotter as the years proceed. Some of the movies even depict this change of the world as well. Most of us would have watched this movie 2012; I recently downloaded this movie using my FiOS Internet. Watching this movie on HD took away my sleep for a couple of days. The content of the movie says that due to rapid developments, where forests are now being replaced, the life on earth is coming to an end. We know that when the earth was formed, it had a balance of the forests, deserts, rocky lands, Oceans. The evolution of man on earth has changed these proportions. In many places we would also find the average amount of rainfall has also drastically decreased.
Keeping this in mind, there are a lot of steps taken by the government and the Non-government Organizations. A lot of research is being undertaken by environmentalist all over the world. The concept of deforestation is banned in different parts of the world. Not only this, these organizations have arrived at the Go Green concept. This concept sounds really interesting to many people and has encouraged many to plant new trees in front of their houses. Last year my company won an award for having the greenest environment in the city. Hence these kinds of steps are helping us to preserve our surrounding really clean and healthy. These are only a few concepts mentioned in this article and apart from this there are various measures to preserve the Go Green concept.

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Stuart is a freelance writer who specializes in writing many topics. He recently watched the movie 2012 downloading from his FiOS Internet. He was taken aback after watching the movie. He is now further motivated to throw highlights on the Go Green concept that he recently heard.

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