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Environmental Criteria to Define ISO 14001 for Benefits of Your Organization

     The ISO 14001 Environmental Management (EMS) standard was introduced in 1996 to assist organizations to manage the environmental aspects that are underneath structure management. ISO 14001 is one among the sole environmental management standards that may be certified by an external authority. It looks like figure as a framework for environmental management; the quality doesn’t specify specific environmental criteria that have got to be met. These criteria are outlined as a part of the following method.

Define Objectives

The first step to become certified as an ISO 14001 organization is to outline your organization’s Environmental Management System objectives. In general, there are two categories of objectives, internal objectives and external objectives. Internal objectives outline activities and practices that meet an organization’s internal environmental policies. These policies could also be a part of an organization’s mandate or may facilitate to assure staff that their organization is environmentally accountable. External objectives will embrace assurances of environmental responsibility to external customers, restrictive agencies or the community at giant. Objectives will embrace making certain that an organization’s offer chain meets overall structure environmental management policies.

Define and Implement Processes

Once the objectives are outlined, they will be formally documented. Process definition may embrace exploring legal needs and potential risks and exploring identified trade best practices. A vital side of method definition is method documentation. The process ISO 14001 documentation system ought to be designed to permit for constant analysis and improvement of environmental management processes. Method documentation and implementation should be done victimization ISO 14001 standards. Implementation of the method can doubtless need the coaching of the staff accountable for doing the desired work. By coordinative method management and coaching systems, changes in processes will mechanically trigger the coaching needed to implement the processes, a typical gap in method implementation plans.


Certification for ISO 14001 compliance is performed by third-party certification agencies. Once your Environmental Management System is outlined and ISO 14001 environment documented, your organization will contact a certification agency. The agency can then audit your processes and procedures to make sure ISO 14001 international standard compliance. In some cases, a certification agency might notice gaps, or places wherever your processes do not fulfill an ISO 14001 requirement, and will need gap rectification. If your organization is found to possess consummated the ISO 14001 needs, the certification agency can issue an ISO 14001 compliance certificate.

Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification

The ISO 14001 certification your organization can assure stakeholders that your environmental management system meets international industry specific environmental standards. Every company large and small; industrial, manufacturing, services, or trade related had an impact on the environment and can therefore benefit from ISO 14001 certification.

• discovering areas for reduction in energy usage and different resource expenditure,
• reducing environmental liability and risk,
• helping to take care of reliable compliance with legislative & restrictive needs,
• benefiting kind restrictive incentives that reward corporations showing environmental leadership through certified compliance with an internationally recognized EMS normal,
• averting pollution and reducing waste,
• responding to pressure from customers and shareholders,
• improving community goodwill,
• profiting within the marketplace for “green” product,
• respond to insurer pressure for proof of fine management before pollution-incident coverage is issued, and
• Demonstrating commitment to high-quality.

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