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Eyelashes: The Long and Short Of It

     Eyelashes are the hairs growing at the edge of the eyelids. The main purpose of the lashes is protection. They serve as a warning system of the eyes. The nerve-endings at the eyelids are extra sensitive. When something touches the eyelashes, the lids react immediately. As a result, the eyelids close to protect the eyes from possible danger. The lashes also trap sweat, dirt and dust. This function is for protection as well.

Another function of the eyelashes is for aesthetic purposes. Since time immemorial, people have considered lengthy eyelashes, as a beauty symbol. Evidence of that is the use of many products to enhance the look of the eyes by mimicking thick eyelashes. Thousands of years ago, women (and men) have been using different products to boost the lashes. Kohl was used to enhance the eyelashes. It was also used to line the eyelids to give the appearance of thick eyelashes.

Nowadays, mascara and eyeliner are the staple eye products of those wanting to achieve the thick-eyelashes look. There are also other beauty products being used like false lashes, eyelash extension, lash curlers and lash fillers. All are geared towards giving the illusion of long and thick lashes.

Why You Need to Have Naturally Thick and Long Eyelashes,

Doesn’t it feel weird that when you take off your falsies, mascara and eyeliner, you cannot recognize yourself? Or worse, people do not recognize you. Natural beauty is the most beautiful look. You only need to enhance what you already have.

You need to have naturally thick and lengthy eyelashes, to be beautiful all the time, even without makeup. With natural lashes, you don’t have to spend much time tugging and pulling at your lashes and eyelids.

Is There A Way To Have Longer and Thicker Lashes?

Yes, there are many ways to have longer and thicker eyelashes. First, the artificial means: false lashes, mascara, lash curler, and extensions. Eyeliners and eyelash tint are also used to enhance the look of the lashes.

There is an invasive way as well: lash transplant. This follows the same principle as hair transplant. The hair from the head will be transplanted to the eyelids. If transplant is successful, the transplanted hair will grow. One disadvantage of hair transplantation is that the transplanted hairs will grow like human hair. There is a need for regular trimming; otherwise the new lashes will grow as long as the hair on the head.

Eyelash Enhancing Serum,

If you don’t want to put on and remove mascara everyday, then growth serum is what you need. Eyelash enhancing serum, will help you get those thicker and longer lashes without the “clumpy-ness” and panda-look of mascara. But not all lash serums are created equal. Before using any brand, research on it first. See what product stands out from the rest as regards price, effectiveness and safety.

Kalisi Skyhigh Lashes will give you thicker and longer eyelashes in a short time. The best thing about this product is that ingredients are natural so you are assured that it will not cause damage to your lashes. A freebie of a pair of false eyelashes comes with the package. This is to give you the look before you get the all-natural look!

Decide on it now. The best eyelash enhancing serum, for you is already available; don’t be the last to get one.

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Rachel Levy is a beauty analyst and writer. This month she will be reviewing and analyzing eyelash serum, eyelash growth products, false eyelashes, eyelash growth, eyelash glue, eyelash curler, and more!! To find out more about SkyHigh Lashes by KALISI, Visit Amazon Here: KALISI SkyHigh Lashes

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