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Benefits Of Dentures

     Partial and complete dentures are useful in replacing missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. These prosthetic devices are easily removable, hence typically referred to as false teeth. Some of the benefits of dentures include:

(i) Restoring the ability to chew: This is a major issue in edentulous patients. However, learning to eat using your false teeth takes a bit of time and practice. This is because, unlike natural teeth, the false teeth have no nerves to make you sensitive to such aspects as temperature of your food or its texture. Therefore, you would have to be much more careful while eating various types of foods to avoid accidents. You should also have your false teeth regularly checked by a dentist to ensure that all is well. The Australian Dental Association recommends that people with partial dentures need a dental review every six months, whereas those who have complete dentures require a dentist review every two years.

(ii) Replacement of lost teeth has a valuable aesthetic value: Apart from restoring your smile, it also helps to restore your natural facial appearance by supporting the cheeks and lips and correcting the collapsed look caused by lost teeth. However, you should remember that a denture is a fragile dental prosthetic. Therefore, you need to practice inserting them correctly without damaging them, as well as keeping them clean.

(iii) Restoring proper pronunciation: This is a critical issue for patients who have lost their front teeth. Such patients would experience better pronunciation of words containing sibilants (a way of articulation whereby you direct air using your tongue onto the sharp edge of your teeth, for example consonants at the beginning of the words sip, chip and zip). You will also need to adjust to your false teeth before you can learn to pronounce fluently. In fact, you are likely to experience excessive saliva in your mouth during the initial phase and in some cases even soreness.

(iv) Dentures are available in a variety of options: The options available include a partial denture (useful for people with a few gaps in their teeth), a complete denture (applicable to people who are edentulous) and an implant-supported denture (provides a durable and non-removable option).

(v) Dentures help prevent Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJD): Having a denture will reduce stress and strain on the bones, muscles and related nerves of your jaw. This is because the dental prosthetic restores natural placement of your jaw just as it was with your natural teeth.

(vi) Overall improvement of self-esteem: When you look better and talk better, you are also bound to feel better about yourself. You will feel more confident talking in front of people without the fear of not being understood. This is particularly useful for young adults who are easily affected by self-esteem issues. As young adults grow, they would also need replacement or adjustment of their dentures, since their mouths and jaws would also change shape through the years. Wearing out of the dentures following normal use would also necessitate adjustment of dentures. According to the Australian Dental Association, you would normally require denture relining between 3 and 6 months after fitting an immediate denture.

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