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Buy a Christmas Tree and Take Away, Rent a Christmas Tree and Give Back

     Years of unchecked carbon emissions and a massive carbon footprint have taken a toll on the planet. It is nearly impossible to turn on the television and not hear some type of message about taking care of the environment in one way or another. Businesses are tilting towards environmental friendly practices and individuals are encouraged to do the same. While it may seem impossible for one person to make a difference there is one very easy way to offset your carbon footprint with little exertion.
What can I do to offset my carbon footprint you may ask? Should I carpool instead of drive everyday to work? What about growing fruits and vegetables in a garden? Perhaps if I upgraded my insulation I would reduce my carbon footprint? The answer to all of those questions is yes but they require your attention and your wallet. One way to offset your carbon footprint by up to ten percent is to rent a Christmas tree. It’s easier, more convenient and results in an overall better product than buying one.
When you rent a Christmas tree you become the recipient of a well manicured, pot grown, Christmas tree that is delivered to your doorstep in time for Christmas, collected after Christmas and planted out to create forests. Every year in the United Kingdom eight million people buy a Christmas tree. After they are finished with the Christmas tree they discard it some way or another. When you rent a Christmas tree you ensure that the tree returns to nature and when a tree is in nature it will offset ten percent of one person's annual carbon footprint. This equals one tonnes of carbon. If everyone in the United Kingdom who regularly bought a Christmas tree decided to rent a Christmas tree they would help to offset a carbon footprint of eight million tonnes.
Renting a Christmas tree also has other positive impacts on offsetting a carbon footprint. When the trees are delivered they are done so in a process where twenty trees are delivered in a single trip. Instead of twenty people driving twenty cars to buy a Christmas tree, one person drives one vehicle and keeps carbon emissions to a minimum. Also, when a rented Christmas tree returns to nature, woodland animals and humans are given a gift to enjoy for the long life of the tree.
Offsetting your carbon footprint is not something that can be done overnight. It takes effort and determination as well as lifestyle changes. These changes are not always easy and cannot easily be done without some type of concentrated effort. One change that can be done with little to no effort at all and offset you carbon footprint is by renting a Christmas tree. The choice to rent a Christmas tree shows that you care about the planet, about those around you and about offsetting your carbon footprint. When you rent a Christmas tree as well as the many benefits to and convenience to you, you give a gift to everyone.

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