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Different Types Of Elbow Injuries

     • Tennis elbow accounts for about 4% of every 1,000 people
• Those aged between 35 and 54 are more likely to suffer from tennis elbow
• Golfers elbow is the most common source of medial pain
• Both tennis and golfers elbow is exacerbated from extending the forearm muscles

The location and use of the elbow will often mean that it is vulnerable to damage to the bones, ligaments, cartilage, muscles and tendons that make up the surrounding area. Many people suffer from an injury to their elbow at some point in their life, whether it is a common bump to the funny bone, a strain to a tendon or a fracture from a fall. Since the elbow is used for a variety of movements and it is made up of different parts, there are many ways in which it can be easily injured.

Elbow Pain

One of the most common causes of elbow pain is from over-use or strain to the affected area. If the muscles are over-used, such as in a sport like tennis or when gardening or decorating, then this can cause a common condition called tennis elbow. Pain can radiate on the outside of the elbow to the wrist and can be alleviated with medication or support from an elbow support. Most cases of tennis elbow heal by themselves after a period of time.

Repetitive activity or sports can also cause strains in the elbow that may require surgery. In some cases, minor tears or strains may heal by themselves with the help of physiotherapy or use of an elbow support to protect, support and strengthen the affected area.


Tendonitis is also a condition that afflicts elbows, and it is a result of inflammation or damage to the tendons. Again, many sports activities can cause tendonitis that can affect a person to varying degrees and with differing levels of elbow pain. An elbow support may be effective for people who play a lot of sport in giving support to this vulnerable part of the arm.

Knocking or bumping the elbow is a common injury, and in some cases it can lead to swelling. This is known as bursitis and can result in significant elbow pain. Bursitis usually gets better through self-management techniques, such as ice or compression to the affected area. An elbow support may be used to give it extra support whilst recovering.


Elbow fractures are also relatively common and can occur for different reasons and can affect different parts of the elbow. Fractures can happen as a result of a direct blow to the flexed elbow or an indirect blow, or they can occur after a fall on to an extended elbow or outstretched hand. In some cases, the fracture can also affect the head and neck. Fractures are quite common in elderly people -- especially those who suffer from the bone disease osteoporosis. Fractures can, however, occur in younger people and children and may be a direct result of a fall on to an extended elbow or as a result of a sports injury.


Treatment for the specific type of elbow injury varies depending on which part of the elbow is affected as well as the person involved. In some cases, rest may be required to reduce the elbow pain, but in other cases gentle exercises may help to strengthen the affected area. Medication, compression and support through an elbow support are also options that can be used to treat various types of elbow injuries.

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Dave Regis discusses the use of orthotics for the management of elbow pain, reviewing injury rehabilitation through exercise and the use of bracing and supports. He writes articles focussing on the use of an elbow support and other methods of rehabilitation.

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