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Global Information Network And A Chilling Information Video

     Man has moved so far from who he truly is that the planet now finds itself in a disturbing situation. Most of the planet's population is severely dependent upon the system that is in place. So what is really happening on the planet? Are we moving towards a time of unlimited consciousness if one chooses. This is happening on a global scale. Simply put, it's time to wake up my friends.

I really can't blame the powers that be. They are acting as if they are actually doing what is best for the population. I am here to tell you that you have a say in the matter. In fact more than that you can choose to create the world you want. The fact is the people are in charge, without the people the system doesn't work. Now I'm not saying the system is bad and the position I come from is one of responsibility. We are responsible for the way it is on the planet today.

It all starts with knowing who you are and becoming responsible. So let's distinguish responsibility for a moment. By responsibility, I mean cause in the matter. Whatever you are experiencing outside of you has come from within. To get a different experience, we all have to start by being responsible for who we are and what we are creating.

We create all the time, you are either creating something you like and want, or we are creating something we dislike and don't want. either way we are creating our experiences, this is why it is so important that we are cause in the matter. The first step to being cause in the matter is to look and see where you have not been cause in the matter. This is your point of power my friends. Only then can you make the declaration to be at cause and make a difference. It doesn't matter what area of life you are looking at either, your relationship with your wife, your current financial situation, taxes, starvation in certain parts of the planet, war. If there is an undesirable experience you are having it is coming from within you. It is the manifestation of your thoughts and vibrations that make it so. Cause in the matter can open up new pathways that you didn't see before.

Look I can teach you all about cause in the matter. It's kind of like going to the restroom. I can show you the door, I can show you the toilet. I can point out how smooth the porcelain is. Nevertheless I cannot make you relieve yourself. Same way it is with cause in the matter, and remember it's your choice. You have a say.

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Visit this Global Information Network Chilling Information Video for more info. Also you can check out this blog at GIN-Blogger

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