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Greenhouse Gas (GHGs) Laws Reduce Environmental Harm and Improve Operational Efficiencies

     Looking back to the industrial age revolution, technology and many developments greatly increased within a short period of time. Such great developments had to be coupled with increased energy demand, with fossil fuels being the primary source. Fast forward present, and we are now facing environmental degradation, placing strong pressure on establishments to address efficient energy use to reduce the adverse effect of carbon emissions.

Since, we learned that we could use the fossil fuels readily found around us as a means of generating power, which in itself leads to so many other applications, we have not looked back. However, it is true to say that we are now in a position to realize what this heady growth has meant to us in terms of potentially catastrophic climate change caused by our actions.

We never realized in the past decades that we were too reliant on fossil fuels until we felt the negative impacts of greenhouse gases at the present time which are largely caused by energy generation. We now realize that we must do something to severely curtail this problem and greenhouse laws are now being introduced to cut down on emissions of greenhouse gases.

It is recognized in these greenhouse gas laws that carbon dioxide and equivalent gases are so dangerous which can cause increase in temperature and harmful effects to the weather and living things. The laws being put in place aim to force the biggest emitters of gases, the largest companies to cut back and to seek alternative measures of energy generation and production.

The UK is one of the very first countries to implement such mandatory laws, which require the biggest companies to curtail carbon footprint which takes effect by 2010 and 2011. By the year 2050, the British government must have already reached its goal in carbon emissions reduction by as much as 80%.

The greenhouse gas laws being introduced in the UK are basically part of a cap and trade scheme, where the government will set a limit on the total amount of greenhouse gases that are acceptable. As these larger companies will have revealed their previous consumption and emission levels, they will be forced to reduce them proactively, as the government will have put a financial value on each ton of carbon.

Relying on consumers, individuals, and big companies to reduce their carbon footprints out of goodwill is simply not enough. Probably the first step of the government's initiative in addressing greenhouse gas problems, the Carbon Reduction Commitment will significantly help slow down the negative effects of climate change.

While many scientists and environmentalists have been preaching to politicians and society in general about the problem for some time, it has only been in very recent years that any real action has been taken. The Kyoto Protocol was groundbreaking in the late 90s when many countries agreed that action needed to be taken, but little tangible has been done since then. Mandatory compliance to laws which regulate greenhouse gas emissions will become very common.

There is considerable pressure on the United States to take some form of leadership role. Up until this point, various excuses have been given by the US administration and while the Congress is debating its own greenhouse laws, there seems some doubt as to whether they will soon be passed into law, as seen in the UK.

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Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme Introduction - The UK government has taken the first initiative with the introduction of the Carbon Reduction Commitment legislation which will force an estimated 5,000 companies, directly affected by the law, to take part in a "cap and trade" scheme and to produce carbon emissions reports. Learn about Sustainability Resource Planning (SRP) software from Verisae at

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