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How Do Metal Braces Work?

     If you have a misaligned bite or teeth that are crooked, you need not worry anymore! Today, there is a range of dental treatments methods which could help in straightening your teeth, such as braces and retainers. Majority of general dentists are performing basic teeth alignment and some elementary orthodontics, but a certified orthodontists specializes in correcting all manners of severe teeth irregularities.

The orthodontist you select is going to ask you some questions in relation to your health, conduct a comprehensive clinical examination, and take some impressions of your teeth. He or she will also take several photos of your face and teeth, X-rays of your mouth and the head. It is from all these data and information that an appropriate treatment plan for you is generated. Never assume that any orthodontist you come across is a registered specialist. It is always safer to confirm on the website of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA).

If metal braces are in fact the dental solution for you, the orthodontist will then go ahead and prescribe a suitable orthodontic appliance specific for your requirements. Your braces might comprise of wires, bands and other removable or fixed corrective dental appliances.

Broadly, braces work through applying some continuous pressure on your teeth over a period of time to gradually and slowly shift the teeth in a particular direction. As your teeth are moving, the bone shape also changes as the pressure is being applied.

The main components that make up braces are:

- Brackets: These are the key metal portion which gets attached to every tooth with some bonding material. The bonding material is a kind of glue which keeps the brackets attached tightly to your teeth throughout the treatment course.

- Arch Wire: This is a thin metal piece placed over your brackets. It applies consistent pressure on your teeth and provides the direction that your teeth need to get aligned.

- O-Rings: They are also identified as ligature elastics. Whenever the braces get tightened, the O-rings are also changed. They come in a diversity of colours to choose from. In case you want a more colorful smile when you're wearing your braces, you can opt for your dazzling shade!

- Elastics: If your case is one of an under bite or overbite, your orthodontist might utilize elastics. These elastics generate additional pressure to straighten your teeth and may be employed to produce more tension to direct your jaw and teeth into the preferred position.

Australian Government Department of Health website offers useful information regarding the government's dental initiatives and could be useful source of knowledge and updates about latest oral health matters.

Maintaining your Braces Cleanness

According to the Australian Society of Orthodontists, the most widespread complication associated with orthodontics is normally that of tooth decay. This could occur since your orthodontic appliances may at times stimulate the production of excess saliva, which could then combine with tiny food particles and bacteria to form a sticky brownish film known as plaque.

The plaque may then cause your enamel to decay. Therefore additional brushing becomes essential during the course of treatment. Your orthodontist might recommend that you use a mouthwash containing fluoride or a toothpaste that has high fluoride levels.

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