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How Grease Matters in Plumbing

     Grease is something you normally encounter when you cook fatty food and wash oily plates and utensils. You might not pay much attention to it, but there are those who do regularly. They are usually plumbers, environmentalists, grease trap manufacturers, and other people whose occupations center on greasy water in sewage. There are even some places, such as Baltimore, where people are required by law to filter it out of their water before dumping it into the sewers.
What it Does
Greasy residue from washed items does not mix well in liquid but form a thick layer on top of it. This shouldn't be much of a problem if oil does not harden and cause blockages. Worse, the substance attracts materials similar to itself, thus a small glob of solidified fat in the drainage system will grow into a formidable clog if nobody takes it away. These fat-clogged pipes tend to rupture when the liquid flowing in them gets trapped and seeks its way out through the weak spots along the pipes' walls. This merits concern because cracked pipes pose various problems such as the eruption of dirty sewage water out into the open, the leakage of toxic substances into the soil or even into tap water, or the presence of an unpleasant smell through the gutters.
Why it's In the Law
Because of the possible results of fatty water getting stuck in the plumbing system, some places have passed a law requiring people to remove oil from their disposed water. They do this with the use of grease traps, which are devices that capture dissolved fat for later disposal. Restaurants, cafeterias, and other places where massive cooking takes place are the usual targets of this law. This intervention aims to minimize the occurrence of destroyed pipes and sewage treatment items.
What Plumbers Have to Do With It
Fats and oils endangers plumbing systems not only within kitchen pipes but even in distant large sewers. A plumber's help is very useful in removing these harmful substances from the drainage and repairing the damages that have resulted. He or she can also install and maintain devices that are crucial in filtering unwanted material, so that it won't cause further damages when it gets whisked away along the complex network of pipes.
To Call a Plumber or Not
There are some common instances when you might consider hiring a plumber for grease related problems: when you need cleaning of clogged drains, repairing damaged plumbing, or maintaining oil traps.
If your drains become blocked, it's recommended that you seek professional help to clear them out. This is because using DIY solutions may or may not work; sometimes it might cause further damages, especially when the cleaning methods are too destructive or unsuitable for the type of fixtures you have.
Plumbers are evidently the best people to call when pipes become broken or drains become unpredictable. You might be tempted to solve the problem yourself, but keep in mind that working with the plumbing requires a lot of plumbing skill and thorough knowledge.
If you have an oil trapper, you are legally bound to clean it so that clog-inducing impurities won't spill over to the sewage. You can hire a plumbing service to do the task for you. Doing so spares you from the inconvenience of cleaning a stinky trap and prevents costly mistakes.
In conclusion, grease will be part of our lives and we have to deal with it. Plumbers make the chore easier to handle- why not give them a call?

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