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How To Get Your School Recycling – Encourage Pupils To Learn And Save The Planet

     Recycling is such a major part of life for most households and adults in today’s world that we really need to be showing and encouraging the next generation to recycle and to show them exactly why there is a need to recycle. If we can make recycling a common theme, something that is natural and should be done regardless of whether they want to or not, then hopefully the next generation will see recycling as part of every day life and not something that they “should” do.

Below, we look at some of the simple, yet productive ways to encourage pupils and students to recycle in the School environment.

Show Them The Process – If your local area has a recycling plant, a site visit is a great way to show the pupils how one thing can be turned into another and at the same time makes education much more fun. If this is not possible, there are lots of videos online which show the recycling process which can really aid the development and encouragement when it comes to recycling.

Encourage Mini Targets – Targets can be a great way of getting everyone to join in the recycling scheme. Maybe you can set your target at 1000 cans in a month, or 1000 newspapers that they need to bring in from home to achieve the target. You can use big graphical measuring tools on the wall which they can be involved with as the time goes on, which always makes things a lot more fun and rewarding.

Look At The Consequences Of Not Recycling – Although important not to act by frighten people, by explaining the consequences of everyone not pulling together and recycling can be a good way to get more of the pupils involved. You can also tie in climate change, environmental factors and many other related subjects to make this seem part of the usual learning course.

Offer Mini Rewards – Like most walks of life, if you offer someone a reward they will work harder to hit the targets or produce something of quality. The rewards can be small; maybe part of the existing school rewards scheme, but by offering small little tokens when a child recycles something or brings something into be recycled can really get the recycling message home.

Show Before And After Products – For most adults it is amazing what things can be turned into, so for children it will be even more spectacular. By getting an old fizzy drink can and a picture of an Aeroplane and then explaining that this old fizzy pop can could one day end up being used to make a stunning new Aeroplane will really get them thinking.

Make It Fun – By making things seem like fun, children will be encouraged to recycle and the message will sink in a lot faster. Like most things in life, if education is made to be a fun activity then children and younger people generally gain a lot more from it. You can find games, videos and other interactive things online to really make the whole process seem like a game when in fact they are learning by doing.

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