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It's Getting Hot In Here... Climatic Changes

     On January 2010, NASA reported that the 21st century's first decade was the warmest ever. For most scientists the news didn't come as a surprise. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) already announced in 2007 that the 11 warmest years on record transpired in the 13 years beforehand and that the trend wasn't over yet. Temperatures have been rising globally, and even winter is assailable.
The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) reported in March 2010 that the average worldwide temperature for winter was 12.7 C. With temperatures rising by 0.60 C above the average for the cold season, it is obvious that global warming is becoming a worldwide quandary.
The earth is getting warmer, but global warming entails so much more than the average accession in temperatures. The past few years have seen preternatural weather conditions occurring in different regions. In 2007 South-East Europe suffered from extreme heat waves the otherwise cool countries have never encountered before, while on the other side of the equator Australia had its coldest winter in years.
These extreme weather conditions happening worldwide also manifest in prolonged droughts on the one hand and severe flooding on the other. In fact, as you are reading this, the South Pole ice is melting, causing sea levels to rise by 3mm per year. The world is getting hotter and crazier but why?
Here are a few reasons our scientists have come up with:
The Greenhouse Effect and Global Dimming
The amount of radiation absorbed by the earth depends on how dark it is. The darker the globe, the more radiation it absorbs. This radiation turns into heat emitted into space and upon its return swallowed by the atmosphere, thus creating the greenhouse effect which keeps the planet 300 degrees hotter than its surrounding.
The role the atmosphere plays in the greenhouse effect and heat balance of the globe is in an important one. Although it constitutes 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, its heavier gases such as carbon dioxide along with water vapors are the gases charge of the greenhouse effect, absorbing the infra red rays emitted from the earth and causing it to heat. At the same time, water vapors in the atmosphere raise the earths' opacity by dispersing sunlight, preventing the rays from reaching the earths' surface, causing the effect known as global dimming.
Climatic Changes
By studying the weather shifts throughout the earths' history, scientists already concluded that climate has never been a stable factor on this planet. The reasons for climatic changes aren't completely known. Yet most researchers believe that certain changes in the atmosphere (such as the ones we've experienced since the industrial revolution) play a major role in the ups and downs this planet has seen, weather wise.
Sources of Greenhouse Gases
During the past century, most of the greenhouse gases emission has been caused by man made process of fossil fuel burning. The US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) annual greenhouse gas emission report from 2000 divides gas emissions by their origin, showing that the top sectors emitting harmful gases into the atmosphere are power stations (21%), industrial processes (16.5%) and transportation fuels (14%). In addition to these gases, researchers claim that as temperatures keep rising, we can expect another 70,000 million tons of methane gas buried in the frozen grounds of Siberia to lead to more sources of dispersing greenhouse gases in the future.
Solar variation
Dating back to 60s, studies have shown a correlation between solar variations and climate changes. Today, scientists like the Danish Henrik Svensmark and the Israeli Nir Shaviv, offer a similar hypothesis claiming that cosmic rays passing through the atmosphere create cloud condensations which in turn enhance the greenhouse effect but also reflect light back to the sun, causing the globe to cool down.
Proving a connection between the movement and activity of the sun to the changing climate on earth, these researchers believe that solar variations allowing more cosmic rays to hit earth are the ones causing the globe to heat. Opposing the majority of researchers believing that the greenhouse gasses are to blame, these scientists claim that the reverse process in which cosmic rays cause the world to heat and carbon dioxide to disperse from the oceans, are the real cause for the high levels of carbon dioxide found today.
Confused? So are we. But no matter what the causes are, no one can argue with the fact that the world is getting hotter and gassier. That's where Global Energy Inc comes into play, providing an alternative for fossil fuels, helping the world cool down and making sure that the air we breathe is cleaner.

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Asi Shalgi - CEO Alternative Fuel Solutions The company's goals are to find, develop and deploy for consumer use unique and ecological alternative fuel technologies. For further information- Global Energy

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