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Let Your Dentist Know About Your Medical History

     When you arrive for your first appointment with a dentist, you are giving a series of forms to fill out. One will ask you questions about your medical history. To give the best care possible, it is crucial that a dentist have some idea of a patient's medical background. All too often, patients ignore this section of the forms because they do not see how their medical history and their dental visit are linked. However, speaking about your history will help your medical care professional determine if there are any pre-existing conditions that could affect your oral health. The information may also change the treatment plan that he or she creates for you. Be as honest as possible when filling out your paperwork; it will only benefit you in the end.

Your Medical History

While you should try and include as much information on your medical history form as possible, there are a few things that you definitely should not leave out. First, if you drink or smoke, that is important for the dentist to know. In addition, any medication that you are taking should be noted on the form, regardless of whether you have a prescription for it or not. It is best to bring this medication with you to your appointment, so you can note the dosage and any other pertinent information. In particular, note if you are taking medication for issues with your heart, liver, lungs or kidneys. Finally, there are a few other conditions that you need to share as well.

High Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, and you are taking medication to control it, make sure the dentist knows. The drugs used to treat this condition may cause issues for your oral health.


If you are pregnant, note it on your form but also tell the dentist and dental hygienist verbally. They may not be able to fill a cavity or give x-rays if you are expecting.


If you have a history of fainting, your dentist needs to know. It is not unusual for a patient, particularly an elderly patient, to faint in a dental office. If the dentist knows about your propensity to faint, they can help you take steps to avoid such an incident from occurring.


Let your dentist know if you are taking medication to deal with osteoporosis. One of the side effects of this type of medication is jaw problems. In some cases, those jaw issues may also lead to tooth loss.

Risky Behaviors

It was mentioned before, but it bears repeating: let your dentist know if you drink or smoke. These behaviors could lead to oral cancer, so they are something that the medical professional needs to be aware of.


If you are not receiving the proper treatment for your diabetes, you may not be able to ward off infections as easily. Therefore, your condition could cause issues with your oral health. In addition, if you are concerned because you have been unusually hungry or thirsty, or because you have been using the restroom more often than normal, speak to your dentist about it. It is possible that you may have diabetes and not know it.

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For best results when visiting the dentist, try to go to the same person as much as possible. They will be able to keep up with your medical history and know how best to treat you. However, irrespective of that, simply make sure any dentist you visit has an idea of your medical history prior to treating you. To find a good, effective dentist in your area, visit

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