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Mr. Mayor, Can You Stop Putting Poison On My Playground Please?

     Imagine driving past a tractor trailer on your way to work and as you get up up next to it, you see a set of those diamond shaped haz-mat placards. There is a red one for flammable warning because the load is petroleum based. There is also a placard featuring a black skull and cross bones on a white background, because it is also a poisonous load. If that truck jack-knifed or had an accident with another vehicle the first responders would call in hazmat team to contain the spill and keep people away and safe from exposure. All the while praying it doesn't get ignited. There would be some very nervous and tense moments. Now can you imagine that same truck parking in front of your house and pumping it on your property? Think that might give you some tense moments too?

Well that is exactly what is happening if you have a chemical lawn care service. The only difference is that in real life that tractor trailer unloads those toxic materials into another truck. But instead of having placards, this truck has beautiful color graphics with puppies and children. How is that for truth in advertising? Those little flags they leave in your lawn? That is not there to tell you they sprayed, as if everybody can't smell it. It is there because the law requires them to warn people to stay off the grass!

Last week I received a piece of junk mail from a local lawn care service. It shows a picture of a cute little girl laying in the grass, nose to nose with an adorable puppy. The caption above the graphic reads, Doesn't your family deserve a beautiful, environmentally-friendly lawn? Well that really annoyed me and it was the impetus for this article. We have idiots talking about spending obscene amounts of money to create green jobs that are based on what we now know to be junk science. At the same time our government is spending millions for toxic chemicals that destroy the balance of our eco-system. I guess common sense is no longer that common.

Millions of pounds of synthetic chemicals from weed killers to petroleum based fertilizers are on everything from lawns to the food we eat. These chemicals pollute our water ways and destroy the natural balance of our environment. This is not sustainable.

In my heart I am an organic gardener, so the word sustainable is deeply rooted in my core values. Sustainability is the fundamental truth of natural laws. It cannot swayed by populist opinion or political spin. The sooner society understands and accepts this fact the sooner we can heal our land. Our playgrounds and public parks should be a natural environment for local residents to share with their children, jog or walk the dog. We don't need to be exposed to these toxins. Just look what it is doing to the streams and ponds, they are being destroyed by chemicals leeching off the soil into the groundwater. Algae blooms take oxygen out of the water which in turn kills the natural habitat for both plants and fish. Don't take my word for it, go look for yourself! Then go to your local town board meeting with the photos and demand that they stop destroying our eco-system.

These toxic chemicals pose significant health risks yet they are allowed to be used on the grass we walk on and the food we eat. In the current economic downturn with out-of-control government spending why can't we start eliminating the chemicals fertilizers and herbicides' from our expenditures? Now that's a solution we can all live with.
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