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Rising Affluence And Waste Emission

     There are two points of views that agree as well as contradict the matter of rising affluences over the context of waste emission in UK. It has been discovered that rising affluence has been often associated in reference to the context of reducing production of waste emissions into the atmosphere, especially on the regions of the UK. On the contrary it has been also established that waste emissions gets associated with the ultimate consumption in the UK is also of great concern. As a matter of fact the context of rising affluence and context of waste emissions are interrelated to each other. It has been always marked that all kinds of cleaner as well as greener products are more expensive than any other conventional products. This shows that the idea of “green technology” to provide better products with better course of luxury are preferred more by the customers. In terms of rising affluence this aspect contributes towards a greater acceptance and can further uptake of the exposure of good and the ultimate course of reducing waste emissions in the long run. The process of rising affluence refers to a status of greater tax revenue made under the provisions led by government. The government collects this money and then uses it in solving various problems related to waste emissions.

Rising Affluence and Waste Emission
Under the influence of ‘Free Trade’ UK is opening doors for most of the SMEs from various different countries. This is creating many private sector business foregrounds in UK and as such there is a tremendous rising he affluence class. UK has been facing tremendous growth of affluent class. As reported by Day (2001) banks, various building societies and recognised independent financial advisers are receiving new contracts and groups of consumers, and that is going to lead for "mass affluent" in UK. People with substantial sums of money are into various private sector businesses and are earning pretty well. With the increase of consumer demand the private sector businesses are making innumerable profits, but in the process the problems related to waste reduction provisions or the means for recycling are sometimes ignored. This is though not a regular ignorance yet has been often well realised.

There are many engrained habits that can be hardly changes. This can be well referred to the matter of rising affluence of the private sector that has got legal measures for dealing with the reduction of waste emission. The regulations of UK governance have been so structured that the private sectors can well ignore the waste emission concerns. The implementation of waste emission provisions is difficult on practical grounds. Waste is much cheap to produce and is comparatively can be removed for free with of course the hidden under the council tax, and thus is the affluent private sectors are regardless of the total amount of waste that they produce. There is thus a very high level of increase in waste streams under the influence of rising affluence. There are much political opposition led forwarded in this matter and potential solutions were also investigated. The investigations show that the general lack of incentives determined in UK to meet the purpose of waste reduction added by the provision for recycling. There are many legal proceedings and these are all effective yet not huge enough as per the demands of the waste that actually gets disposed by the private sector affluent producers.

The rising affluence is trying to meet the requirements that can support for a better system of waste emission in UK. The consciousness about atmosphere is the basic concern that helps in pursuing better provisions for waste emission. The increase in the affluent class in UK is having the specific feature of being lively and never encourages the causes of being superficial. This is the feature that inspire for the establishment of better atmosphere and thus the accurate provision for waste emission in UK. As for instance there are many industries that are considered to be the core producer of waste. In this field the participation of the cement industries is highly marked. However there are efforts to reduce waste and to make provision for a better atmosphere in UK. As reported by the Mineral Products Association’s (MPA) of 2008; Performance Report over waste management shows that the UK cement industry could well keep the waste management regulations. By the application of expensive technology the cement industry has exceeded its specific targets in terms of reducing waste in 11 out of the 15 areas that were set out in 2007 (Oliver, 2009).

It can be well established that rising affluence and the matter of waste emissions are interrelated. The affluent class though ignores the waste emission side, yet also lay emphasis over all those legal proceedings than can well support for its sustainability in response to the atmosphere. Though with the increase in demands of the consumer the waste emission gets under trouble, there are provisions that show that the affluent groups can well afford waste management formulations and can deal with the matter with more expertise. It is about growing green by keeping the world green. Through the demands of the consumer UK is definitely growing as in every affluent domain, yet it is also the sole responsibility of the investors to take care of the atmosphere. In this process, they can well establish expensive machineries to reduce waste emissions.

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