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Seven Things To Keep In Mind In Picking A Ground Cover

     Before selecting a ground cover you should plan your desired time frame, consider the climate of your area, evaluate what purpose you want it to serve, make sure that the plant is not invasive, consider the plant's required amount of maintenance, find out how high the plant will grow, and check if the plant is poisonous.
Ground covers are any variety of plants that grows closely over the ground. Hampering weed growth, protecting the soil from drought, and protecting the soil from erosion are the benefits of having a ground cover. Ground covers are common in landscape designs because they add beauty to an outdoor area, apart from its practical benefits. Here are some considerations to help you select which of the many varieties of textures and blooms you should use for your own lawn:
Decide how long you want to have ground covers
Initially, decide how long you want ground covers on your landscape. There are annual and perennial ground covers. Annuals leave behind seeds when they expire after every growing season. These seeds in return become new plants that will cultivate in the subsequent year. On the contrary, perennials don't die when they have finished growing at the end of the season, but only hibernate. Evergreen perennials are also available which can sustain themselves through various seasons of the year, and even bestow colorful picturesque look to the expanse of the scenery during the months of severe cold.
Think about your local climate
It is important that you also choose ground covers that are appropriate for the climate where you live. One frequently used option is turfgrass, which thrives in all different climates. Other ground covers are more delicate and may die when exposed to extreme weather.
Determine what purpose it should have
Ground covers offer both practical and aesthetic benefits. From these benefits, select which one is the most important. You might want to use ground covers for protecting a sloped area from erosion or to emphasize depth in your landscape. There are different kinds of plant varieties to suit your preferences.
Ensure that the plant you choose is not invasive
Some ground covers are invasive. They can rapidly spread and engulf parts of your landscape that you do not want covered. Ground covers in this nature can also endanger your other plants.
Take into consideration the amount of tending the plant needs
Various types of plants naturally require different types and amounts of maintenance. Some plants are low maintenance and need not much care to thrive, while others have to be meticulously tended to. Select a plant from a family that doesn't need meticulous care.
Find out what will be the heights of the plants at full maturity
Some ground covers grow quite high, but most stay close to the ground even in maturity. Before you choose, ask a professional or do some research to find out how high the particular type of plant can grow. Tall ground covers plants can block the visibility of other plants.
Make sure that the plant is not poisonous
Be sure to find out first if a particular plant is safe. Some plants are actually poisonous, even though they may look decorative as ground covers. This is very important to think about, particularly if you have children or pets in the family.
There exist several choices for ground cover, but the best choice is the one that fits into your landscaping needs and plans.

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