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Teaching Pranayama Breathing Techniques

     Pranayama is a series of ancient breathing techniques that originated in India over 2,000 years ago. These techniques have a wide variety of benefits. They can increase longevity, eliminate depression and help to regulate the various systems of your body. Pranayama is often taught as part of yoga classes. Many of the poses in yoga, known as asanas, are most effectively performed while using pranayama breathing techniques. Inhaling and exhaling in the specific manner prescribed by these techniques makes the lungs stronger and brings the nervous system into balance. If you are a yoga instructor thinking about teaching pranayama breathing techniques, here are a few of the most important ones you should focus on:

1. Suryabhedan

- Sit in a comfortable position.

- Use your right hand's middle and index fingers to close your left nostril.

- Breathe in slowly through the right side.

- Use the thumb on your right hand to stop air flow on the right.

- Breath out through the left side.


- Slows down the aging process

- Purifies the blood

- Digestion is improved

- Energy and body heat are increased

2. Chandrabhedan

- Sit in a position conducive to meditating.

- Your shoulders should be relaxed and your back should remain straight.

- The right nostril should be closed using the thumb from the right hand.

- Breathe in through the left side of your nose.

- Using the middle and index fingers of the right hand, close the left.

- Breathe out through the right.


- This technique has been known to cure heartburn and cool the body.

3. Bhastrika

- A meditative position is preferable for this technique.

- You should relax the muscles in the shoulders. The back should be kept straight.

- The right thumb should be used to close the right nostril. As you do this, the right elbow should be at the same level as the right shoulder.

- With your eyes closed, begin to slowly breathe in and out through the left opening in your nose. Gradually increase your breathing.

- After repeating these steps 20 times, inhale deeply and hold it in for as long as you can.

- You can now close the left side, breathe through the right side and repeat the process.


- The blood is purified

- Digestion is improved

- Toxins are eliminated from the body

- The nervous system is regulated

- Excess fat is eliminated

4. Anulom-Vilom

- Sit in a relaxed and balanced position.

- Close the right nostril with the thumb on your right hand.

- Breathe in through the left opening in your nose.

- Using the middle and index fingers on the right hand, close the left side.

- Breathe out and in through the right opening.

- With the thumb on your right hand, close the right side.

- Breathe out through the left.


- Increases longevity

- Body temperature becomes balanced

- Circulation of blood is improved

- Stress is eliminated

5. Ujjayi

- Sit erect so you feel comfortable.

- Using both nostrils, breathe in deeply and slowly.

- Hold your breath as long as you can.

- As you breathe out, contract your air passage to create a whispering sound.


- Keeps the throat, chest and lungs healthy

- Blood circulation is improved

- The thyroid gland is stimulated

- The vocal cord is made stronger

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Faye Martins, is a Yoga teacher and a graduate of the Yoga teacher training program at: Aura Wellness Center in, Attleboro, MA.  To receive Free Yoga videos, Podcasts, e-Books, reports, and articles about Yoga, please visit:

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