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Teeth Whitening - What Is Involved?

     There are many factors that cause teeth to lose their white appearance. If you love beverages like coffee, tea or cola, or even red wine, your teeth could become discolored over time. Foods of certain kinds like berries could also cause staining. Aging also makes teeth become discolored. However the extent of the staining will vary depending on the amount of exposure to the causative factor. The teeth whitening procedure has been used over the years as a way of reversing this process and making your teeth whiter and brighter.


Before getting started on any tooth whitening process, you need to have several things in place. You will need to work with your dentist in a fact-finding process. For instance, you first need to know your natural tooth color, since this is what your teeth should be restored to. If you go beyond this, it may lead to sensitivity. Further, you will also need to determine the type and extent of the stains that you have. Different stains require different treatment. Finally, you need to discuss the various methods of teeth whitening and decide on which one is appropriate for you with recommendations from your dentist.

Who qualifies?

Almost anyone can go for teeth whitening, but it is not recommended if you have gum disease. In addition, if you have cavities, you may not benefit from teeth whitening. It could cause your teeth to become weaker than they already are. You also need to take note of the fact that teeth whitening does not work for tooth fillings, crowns or veneers. Therefore you may want to explore other methods that will work for your particular case.

General Methods

There are several methods you can use to get the results you have always wanted. For instance, you could use toothpaste that is specially made for the purpose of whitening teeth. You may also want to go for whitening gels or strips which work better than toothpaste. You may also need to use tooth bonding to correct any abnormality in your teeth. A more intricate procedure is bleaching, which can be done at home or by a professional.

Expert Whitening Processes

Aside from the simple methods of teeth whitening mentioned above, you could opt for professional whitening. There are different ways of achieving this and the first is the in-office whitening process. This is done by your dentist in the dental clinic. It involves a procedure of applying a bleaching gel, which is very powerful and is therefore applied very carefully. Depending on the extent of your staining and how responsive your teeth are to the treatment, the dentist will apply it repeatedly for around twenty minutes. Your teeth sensitivity will also determine when your dentist will stop applying the gel.

Alternatively, you could do this at home but using a less powerful bleaching gel. It is usually done over a period of two weeks. You will need to wear the trays on your teeth for about two hours daily and eventually you will have your teeth whitened to a satisfactory color. The advantage of the take-home process is that you are able to regulate it when you feel your teeth become sensitive. It is also less costly than the in-office treatment.

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