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That Needling Christmas Tradition – How to Prevent Christmas Tree Needle Drop

     Every Christmas the tradition is renewed. The long awaited Christmas custom of lugging a tree into the house, adorning it with décor, and then watching it change from brilliant green to muted brown as it begins its descent into the next stage becoming an ex-Christmas tree. At sometime during this process the tree begins to liberate itself of its needles all over the house. A dead Christmas tree does not take notice of the difficulty of getting dropped needles out of the carpet. If anything it finds a way to ensure that there are dropped needles spread as far around your house as possible. It seems that it is not until its replacement arrives the following year that you are finally able to collect the last dropped needle. The tradition is a cycle, a cycle of dropped needles, and the cycle is cruel and unforgiving. So how do we break the cycle?
Breaking the cycle has been the preoccupation for several years with several entrepreneurs. Bags, sprays, and glue never seem to do the trick, forcing some to resort to the fake plastic shape that some call an artificial Christmas tree. Artificial trees are considered by some to be an abomination to real Christmas trees. Their fake plastic shine, manufactured feel, and lack of Christmas scent betrays the sense of season enjoyed by those who decide to buy real Christmas trees and resolve to deal with dropped needles.
Those who do decide to buy a real Christmas tree usually opt for those that are known for holding their needles for longer periods of time (the Norman fir is popular for having this trait). The drawback of buying trees known for not dropping needles is that they are priced higher than other Christmas trees. Different methods have been devised to prevent dropped needles such as cutting the base of the tree at an angle. The idea is that the Christmas tree will have a larger area with which to draw water but what happens more times than not is that the tree is not exposed to water as intended and part of the base begins to dry, resulting in more dropped needles. It is also thought that bleach, in conjunction with a cut Christmas tree will aid in the delivery of water but it has been shown that the use of bleach will serve to the hinder tree's ability to correctly draw water.
Instead of subscribing to the countless methods, procedures, buying more expensive Christmas trees, and resorting to the fake plastic artificial tree you can chose the best solution. Rent a Christmas tree. When a Christmas tree is bought there is an additional problem to dropped needles; a detrimental impact to the environment. Rented Christmas trees not only keep their needles but are beneficial to the forest and the wildlife of Britain. Ten percent of the carbon footprint you would add to emissions is cut when a tree is rented because they are replanted. When you buy a Christmas tree it meets its fate with the wood chipper and does not reward you, the forest, the wildlife, or the environment.
Now that you know a rented Christmas tree keeps the Earth clean and does not plague you with dropped needles you must be wondering what more it could possibly do? It can keep you in the confines of your warm house while the family that decided to buy a tree is out in the cold searching for the right one. Rented Christmas trees are delivered to your door and collected with the arrival of the New Year. Rented Christmas trees are the solution to the problem of dropped needles on your carpet, braving the wild to locate a Christmas tree, and a way to combat carbon emissions. This year when given the option to buy a Christmas tree simply say "No, thank you. This year, we’ll rent a Christmas tree!"

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